Lucy Hyde born 25 August 1824

Lucy Hyde was born 25 August 1824 in Ohio.  This information came from a posted tree, no parents were listed, although in later census records, she reported that her parents were from Pennsylvania.

On 14 August, 1842, in Greene County, Ohio, Lucy married John Fawcett.  The marriage record didn’t list their ages, residences, or parents, but the ceremony was performed by Alfred Jenkins, Justice of the Peace. 

I was not able to find John and Lucy in the 1850 index, but figured they should have been in Ohio where they were born and where their first children were born.  I looked up where the JP lived, which was Caesars Creek in Greene county.  I was then able to find Lucy “Fancett”.  The household consisted of John and Lucy, and their first four children:  Maximilian, Miriam, Lavina, and Clarissa. 

The Fawcett family moved to Emporia, Kansas in time for the 1859 state census in Emporia, and lived there the rest of their lives.  In the 1860 census, John’s farm was valued at $2000.  Miriam had married Henry Pearce, but was living at her parents’ home.  Another daughter, Mary, had been added to the family. 

The Fawcett family was in the 1865 state census.  John’s farm was valued at $1500, with personal property valued at $1650.  This is the first census I’ve seen where a wife was given value for property of her own, and Lucy’s real estate was valued at $400 with personal property at $800. 

In 1870, Lucy and John were in Emporia, with the farm now valued at $9850 and personal property at $955.  The only child at home was Charles, age 4.   John and Lucy were in the 1875 state census.  Either the family farm was downsized, or the value was calculated differently, as it was listed at $2015, and personal property at $195.  Lucy’s daughter Miriam Pierce/Pearce had died two years earlier, and her four children, Blance, Emma, Margaret, and Wilber Pierce were being raised by Lucy and John.  John died 26 February 1876 in Emporia.

In 1880, Lucy, now widowed, was the head of the household, which included her son Charles, and the four Pierce children. 

Lucy was in the 1900 census in Emporia still head of her household.  She was a farmer.   Her son Charles was a blacksmith.  Lucy’s son Maximilian had died a few years earlier, and his widow Alice and children Lucy, Hazel, and Donald were living with her.  Lucy (named for her grandmother) would later marry John Mullenax in Idaho.  The household included a servant, John Owens.

Lucy was counted in the 1905 state census in Emporia.  Charles was now the head of the household which included Zelma Fawcett, wife of Lucy’s son John. 

The Emporia Gazette  Saturday, June 10, 1905  Mrs. Lucy Fawcett Dead

Mrs. Lucy Fawcett living near the Rinker Bridge died this morning at 5 o’clock of dropsy. Mrs. Fawcett had been sick for three years. She was 82 years of age. She is survived by one son, Charles, with whom she had been living. The funeral services will be held from the house Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock and the body will be interred in Maplewood Cemetery. The funeral sermon will be preached by Rev. W.A. Parker of the First Christian Church.


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