Curt M Bean died 29 August 1935

Curt Martin Bean was born 17 January 1885 in Belmont, NH, the only child of Charles O Bean and Sarah Martin.  Curt’s father died before 1900, and he and his mother were in the 1900 census in Belmont.  Sarah was head of the house, and Curt, at age 16, listed his occupation as farmer. 

In the 1910 census, Curt was listed as the head of the household, owner of a general farm, and his mother lived with him. 

On 25 February 1911, Curt married Lucy M Larivie, daughter of Joseph Larivie and Josephina Sanchagrin.  Curt was 27, Lucy was 20.  Both were residents of Belmont.  He was a farmer, she was a housekeeper, and this was the first marriage for both.  This marriage ended before 1916.  I did not find a death record for Lucy, so I don’t know if the marriage ended with her death, or a divorce.  I did not find birth records for children of Curt and Lucy.  I did not find a subsequent marriage for Lucy.

On 31 Aug 1918 in Belmont, Curt married Lydia “Daisy” Richards, daughter of Charles Henry Richards and Nancy Elvira (or Elizabeth) Richards.  When Curt registered for the WW1 draft in 1918, he listed himself as a self-employed farmer, with Daisy as his nearest relative.  He was described as tall, medium build, blue eyes, light hair, and no disabilities.  Their address was RFD Laconia. 

In 1920, Curt and Daisy lived in Belmont on Laconia Road.  His mother Sarah lived with them.  Charles owned his own farm. Sarah died 19 July 1929 in Belmont. 

Curt and Daisy lived in Belmont in 1930.  It appears that their neighborhood or road was called Farraville, although I was not able to find that on a modern map.   Daisy’s parents, Charles and Nancy, lived with them.  Curt still listed his occupation as farmer, and his father-in-law was a farm laborer. 

Daisy died 26 December 1930, of complications of pregnancy, in Laconia, and is buried at Belmont in the South Road cemetery.  I was not able to find any records of children born to Curt and Daisy. 

Curt married a third time, to Mary Lamott, on 30 June 1934, in Belmont.  She was the daughter of Edwin Lamott and Mirian Bridges.  This was third marriage for both.  He was 40, Mary was 37.  I did not find any children for Curt and Mary.

Curt died 29 August 1935 in Laconia.  He was buried at Belmont in South Road Cemetery.


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