James O Keniston married Elizabeth Josephine Denny 30 August 1884

James O Keniston (or Kenniston) was born about 1856 in Eliot, Maine, the son of Joseph Keniston and Sarah J Spinney.  I was not able to find the family in 1860, but they were listed in Eliot in 1870.  Joseph was a laborer.  I also could not find the family in 1880. 

Elizabeth Josephine Denny was born 19 February 1850 in Chelsea, Massachusetts, the daughter of Joseph Denny and Eliza Jane Hawkins.  I originally thought that she was the daughter of Eliza Hawkins and Joseph Fuller, but later records named her father as Joseph Denny, and I did find a marriage record for EJ Hawkins and Joseph W Dennie on 25 October 1848 in Boston.  This would be consistent with Elizabeth’s birth in Chelsea in 1850. 

I was not able to find this family in 1850.  By 1860, Eliza Jane had married Joseph Fuller, and they were living in Portsmouth.  Elizabeth was going by the last name Fuller.  Elizabeth was not with the family in 1870.  At that age, she was old enough to be working and/or living elsewhere.  In 1880, at age 30, she was living with her now-widowed mother Eliza, and going by the name Denny.  From this record, I had originally thought that Elizabeth must have married someone named Denny, but on closer review, she was listed as single.  This is consistent with Elizabeth being Eliza’s daughter by a previous marriage. 

On 30 August, 1884, in Portsmouth NH, James Kenniston married Lizzie J Denney.   James claimed to be 28, and Lizzie claimed to be 27, although she was really 34.  Other than that, her parents’ names and her birthplace matches.  This is listed as the first marriage for both.  I did not find a record of children for Lizzie and James. 

James O Kenniston died 8 September 1889 in Portsmouth.  His occupation was listed as “seaman”.  Cause of death and burial location were not listed.    

The 1890 Portsmouth city directory listed

  • Keniston, Lizzie J, widow of James O., bds Mrs. E.J. Fuller’s Sagamore road
  • Keniston, James O., mariner, died Sept. 8, 1889
  • Keniston, Luther E., farmer, bds Mrs. Eliza J Fuller’s, Sagamore road [brother of James]

The 1900 census lists Lizzie J Keniston as living with her mother, Eliza J Fuller.  Lizzie was widowed, no children born.  Lizzie and Eliza both listed “laundress” as their occupations, and Luther, still living with them, was a laborer. 

On 19 August 1908, Lizzie J Kenniston age 58 married Robert V Noble age 60.  This is listed as second marriage for both, both widowed.  The bride’s mother is Eliza J Hawkins, deceased, age 74.  Father is listed as Joseph W Denny, mariner b Baltimore.   

The 1910 census lists Robert and Lizzie at 140 Market Street in Portsmouth.  His occupation was house “joiner”, and Lizzie worked as a laundress at home.  This census also says that Lizzie has had no children and lists her father’s birthplace as Maryland.

Lizzie died 7 September 1916 in Portsmouth.  Cause of death was diabetes, and she was buried at Harmony Grove (as were many of her relatives.)  Her death record lists her mother as Eliza Hawkins and father as Joseph Denny. 

Robert died 11 October 1918 of lobar pneumonia and is also buried at Harmony Grove.



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