George Hayes died 2 September 1725

George Hayes was born 23 September 1655 in Scotland.  He came to America, and on 29 August 1683, married as his second wife Abigail Dibble in Windsor, Connecticut.  They had seven children, including our ancestor Samuel, and eventually moved to Salmon Brook, part of Simsbury now called Granby. 

George Hayes died at Simsbury, Sept. 2, 1725; his second wife, and their five sons and six daughters, surviving him. He was probably buried in the older cemetery at “Hop Meadow,” near Salmon Brook, but no inscription has been found for himself or his wife.


Geo. Hayes died Sept. 2 1725

” In the name of God Amen the last day of April in the year of our lord Christ one thousand seven hundred & twenty-five. I George Hayes Senor of Salmon Brook in the Town of Symsbury in the County of Hartford in the Colony of Connecticut in New England in America yeoman being about seventy years of age & weak in body but of Sound and perfect mind &; memory thanks be given unto God for the same and calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die, do make ordain & appoint this my Last Will & testament in maner following That is to say first & principally. I commit my Soule into the hands of almighty God who gave it, & my Body I commend it to the Earth to be buried in Christian and decent maner by my Executors hereafter named nothing doubting but that I shall receave the same again by the Mighty power of God and in hopes I shall Receave full pardon & Remission of all my sins, through my Blesed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And as touching such wordly

Estate wherewith the Lord has been pleased to bless me in this life far beyond my desert, I give devise bequeath and dispose of the same in maner and form tollowing.

First my Will arTd desire is that all and Every Debt and debts which I owe in Right or Consience unto any person or persons whatsoever be well and truly paid by my Executors hereafter named in Convenient time after my decease, and I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Abigaill Hayes for her tender and loving care of me in my low & weak Condition my now dwelling house Barn Orchard, home Lot and pasture being my whole homestead and the benefits thereof to have hold and enjoy the same so long and during the term and time, that she shall Remain my widow, and I also give unto her my said wife my Bed and furniture we now Lye on, and so much of my household goods & furniture of Every sort as is needfull for her to keep house withall and one Cow if any to her and her disposall.

I give and bequeath unto my son Daniell the sum of ten pounds more than to any other of my Children (Except it be my Daughter Abigaill) in mony or equivalent thereto out of my Estate when the same may fall to them to be divided. I Give and bequeath unto my Daughter Abigaill five pounds more than to any Child or daughter I have by reason of her Lameness in mony or Equivalent thereto out of my Estate when the same may fall to them to be divided. I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin (beside what I gave him already by Deeds) my ten Acre peice of Marsh commonly called the Bever Marsh, & also my whole part or sheare in oure saw mill at Salmon Brook with this Conditional promise that he the said Benjamin shall dwell and live with me and support me in all my wants and nessessities and carefully carry on the business Required and usuall to be done and performed in my husbandry on my farm, and to behave himself toward me as a dutyfull Child ought to do towards a dutyfull parent, during my natural Life, and my Will and desire also is, that if I should hapen to Decease in such a time of the yeare so soon, or sooner after my Son has goten in my Crops of grain & hay etc or such other produce of my said farm that the same be not put nor entered in an Inventory but that the same be wholly for the use and benefit of my now present family namely my wife, my Daughter, Abigail 1 & Son Benjamin. I give and bequeath unto my foure sons Daniell George William & Samuell two third parts of my Remaining Estate to be Equally divided between them both in quantity and quality, and the other third part of my Estate I give and bequeath unto my Daughters Abigaill Sarah Mary Johanna Thankfull & Doritha to be equally divided between them both in quantity and quality when the same shall come to be divided (after the marriage or dower of my wife, but the out lands may be divided before marriage or dower of my Wife. The same to be and remain to them and theire heirs forever, and to have and to hold the same and to theire own disposing. And I do hereby Revoak Disanull and make void and of none Efect all and Every other will and wills and bequeaths before this time by me made, and declare this and none other to be my Last Will and Testament and out of this my Last will and Testament I make and ordain my said well beloved wife, and my loving son Daniell my two Executors & trix in whom I confide and trust to do all and see done in what this my Will is Required. Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the S” George Hays as his Last Will and Testament in presence of us”

Joseph East “George Hays a Seall

Lydia Bisbey O her mark

Elizabeth Bartlet + her mark ”

Admitted to Probate Oct. 5th 1725.


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