Frederick Newell Golden died 8 September 1917

Fred Golden was born 27 April 1860, in New York (probably in NYC).  His death record lists his parents as John Golden and Jane Ferris.  I was not able to find Fred’s actual birth record, nor was I able to find him in the 1860 census, which was taken in June.  His birth record was calculated from his age as recorded on his death record, and I suspect the person providing the information may have been off a year or two.  I did find a John and Jane Golden (with sons David and Albert) living in Yonkers in 1860.  They did not have a son named Fred, uless he was born later, so I don’t know for sure that they are his family.

In 1870, there was a Frederick Golden, age 10, in a house of reformation in NYC.  I could not find John and Jane.  Albert and David were in Yonkers with another family.  Perhaps both parents died between 1860 and 1870. 

The 1875 Minnesota State Census lists Fred Golden, living in Blakely.  He was born in 1860, living in the A.D. and Gratia Ferris household.  Perhaps these are relatives of his mother, but relationships were not listed.

The 1880 census lists Frederick Golden living in Sweet, in Pipestone County, Minnesota.  He was a farm hand, living in the Whitehead household.     

I do not have a marriage date for Frederick Golden and Jeanette “Nettie” Giles, but they were together the 1885 Minnesota state census, living in Troy.  Fidelia Ferris, age 78, was also in the household.  These records did not list occupations. 

Fred and family are listed in the 1895 state census in Pipestone city.  For some reason, Fred’s birthplace was listed as Illinois – perhaps he provided false information, perhaps the census taker just made a mistake.  Fred was a carpenter.  Daughter Hazel was 3, and son Allen was 9 months old.  Another daughter had been born in 1889, but died a short time later. 

FN Golden is listed in the 1900 census on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Teton county, Montana.  He lived in a boarding house, and was a carpenter.  Many people on this census page worked for the railroad, and perhaps his job was related to that construction.  This record says that he was married 16 years ago, or about 1884, which is consistent with Fred and Nettie being listed in the 1885 census. 

The railroad being built was the Great Northern, and stories about the railroad in this era can be found at

Family lore is that Fred worked on the railroad, and the family eventually moved to the Kalispell, Montana area.  Fred left Jeanette for another woman with a family.  Jeanette (Nettie) took the children back to Minnesota before the railroad learned she was no longer authorized to use his family pass. She married Clayton Garthwaithe on 10 June 1905 in Pipestone, and they moved to Alexandria, MN. She died there on 17 December 1910, and is buried at Old Woodlawn Cemetery in Sweet, MN.

Hattie Ellen (Duggan) Johnson was the “other woman”.  She had been married to Thomas Johnson, but divorced him after he shot at her and went to prison.  She took her younger unmarried children to Kalispell, MT, to live with her mother’s father, Adam Hetrick, but he had remarried and Hattie did not feel welcome there.  It was probably here that she met Fred Golden. They were married 1 April 1905 in Rathdrum, near Coeur d’Alene, ID.  Hattie had been step-mother to Thomas Johnson’s four children from his first marriage.  She had nine of her own with Thomas Johnson.  She and Fred had three children:  Frederick Newell (1904-1980), Floyd Orville (1905-1981) and Florence Gertrude (1907-1967).

Fred’s family moved west again, and in 1910, lived in Ione, WA.  Fred was a farmer with a general farm.  Hattie’s two youngest daughters, Anna Maria and Hattie Quintilla Johnson were in the household, but were listed with last name Golden. 

Hattie died on 21 April 1916 in Meadow Lake near Spokane WA, and is buried at Greenwood Memorial Terrace.  Frederick N Golden died 8 September 1917 in Tacoma. should take you to photos of Fred’s family, posted by another researcher.


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