James Paul Thompson died 15 September 1964

Percy James Stevens was born 6 may 1898 in Kamloops, British Columbia, the youngest of four children of Charles Seldon Stevens and Jessie Gordon Miller.  Charles was a telegraph operator for the railroad in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, who went west to settle at Kamloops.  Kamloops was a crossroads for explorers and trappers, gold rush travelers, and later the railroad. Jessie died of tuberculosis when Percy was only seven months old.  After her death, the children were divided between various families.

Percy was adopted Jan 1899 by Henry Alister Thompson and his wife, Sarah Jane Elizabeth Kelly, at Kamloops. Alister was from New Brunswick, of Norwegian descent and Bessie was born in BC of Irish descent. At the time of his adoption Percy was renamed Paul James Thompson and was known by this name thereafter.   The family lived in Yale BC in 1901, where Alister worked as a carpenter. 

The family moved to Dewdney Riding, BC, and were counted in the 1911 census there.  Alistair was a farmer.  Paul now had a sister Annie, born in August 1901. Dewdney is a small agricultural community in the Fraser Valley. 

Seattle Passenger and Crew Lists documents that Paul arrived in the US on August 1923, through the port of entry at Sumas, WA.  He gave his nationality as Scandinavian, which actually refers to his adoptive father.  His occupation was truck driver.  He declared that he was able to read and write English.  His last permanent address was Dewdney, and his sister, Mrs. Pennington, still lived there.  The record says that he paid his own passage of $75, and was going to join his father, HA Thompson, in Yakima.  This was going to be a permanent move.  The document says that his condition was good, no deformities.  He was described as 5’10”, medium complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, with a scar on the back of his left hand.  He listed his birthplace as Kamloops. 

On 18 May 1929, at 8:30 p.m. Paul married Esther Danroth, daughter of Elias Danroth and Anna Pauline Johnson. The ceremony was performed in Yakima by George L Hunt, minister of the gospel, and witnesses were V Mearl Glenn and Agnes Danroth. 

Paul and Esther lived in Yakima in 1930.  Paul’s occupation was wood worker, at the ladder company.  They paid $15 monthly rent for their home at 709 South 4th Street.  Son Lorne Stevens Thompson was born in February of 1930 (died 2000), and daughter Arlene was born three years later.  Paul’s parents lived in nearby Fruitvale.

On 9 August 1940, Paul filed intentions to become a US citizen.  The document includes a lot of valuable genealogical information, including his birth date and place (confirms what was found in other records), his wife and marriage date, and the names of his children.  Paul still lived at 709 South Fourth Street and still worked as a ladder manufacturer.  He was 42, male, white, fair complexion, blue eyes and brown hair, 5’10” and 170 pounds.  The document lists Esther’s birth and place (born 9 September 1906 in Yorkton Saskatchewan.)  The document says he entered the US at Sumas on 9 August 1923 via the Wagon Road.  Another record says that some action regarding his naturalization was taken on 17 May 1949, but the index doesn’t specify the action. 

Paul moved his family to West Newton Street in Seattle, and worked as an industrial motion picture producer.   He died 15 September 1964 in Seattle, and is buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.


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