Roswell Morris Hayes b 17 September 1855

Roswell Hayes was born 17 September, 1855, the second of four children of Joel Merrill Hayes and Susan J Waterman, in Hanover NH.  In 1860, the Hayes family was counted in the census of Hanover.  JM Hayes was a farmer, with a farm valued at $2000 and personal property at $550, which was about average for that page of the census.  In 1870, the farm was valued at $4000, and personal property at $790.  

On 17 September 1877, his 22nd birthday, Roswell married 18-year-old Ina Ladd Wright, in Lebanon.  Some records show her name as Irene.  She was the daughter of  Henry Wright and Hannah Morse. Both were residents of Hanover, and it was the first marriage for both.  Roswell and Ina had a daughter, Florence Marion, born 26 October 1879 in Hanover.  (She later married Will James Whitcomb, then Arthur Boileau, and died in 1961.)  The 1880 census shows Roswell’s family in Hanover.  He was a farmer.  Ina died 23 August 1882. 

Roswell married Susan Maria Camp on 21 March 1883 in Hanover.  She was the daughter of Carlos David Camp and Lorraine Swett.  They lived on road 50 north of road 59 in Hanover.  Roswell and Susan’s son Leon Grover Hayes was born 19 July 1885 in Hanover.

I was not able to find Roswell’s family in the 1900 census, but since all records I have for him are from Hanover, I suspect that he was there but perhaps not recorded.  The 1907 Hanover business directory lists Roswell M Hayes, Etna, painter, Leon lived with him.   (Leon married Estella Busby, and they had six children.)

The 1910 census lists Roswell and Susan living in Hanover.  His occupation was house painter.  The census indicates that Susan only had one child.  Leon was not living with them.  The 1916 and 1918 Hanover directories list Roswell as a farmer and painter. 

Susan Camp Hayes died 20 August 1916, and was buried at Etna.  Her cause of death was “melancholia” of two year’s duration.  An 1894 report in the Journal of Mental Science says the most comment cause of death related to melancholia is phthisis, which was described as a disease characterized by wasting away or atrophy of part of the body, similar to tuberculosis.  It would be interesting to know what this is called in modern terms. 

On 8 November 1918, Roswell married for the third time, to Eva J. Swain, daughter of Hezekiah Swain and Hannah Pitman.  Eva was the widow of Otis Miller.  In 1920 and 1930, Roswell and Eva lived on a general farm in Hanover. Since previous records did not give a street address, I don’t know if Roswell lived in the same place all his life. 

Eva died 26 January 1939 in Hanover.  The 1941 Lebanon city directory lists Roswell Hayes as a farmer, living in Etna Highlands.  Roswell died 8 May 1943 in Hanover.  He was 87. 



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