Lauvia Lavine born September 1884

Barton VT birth records from 1884 document the birth of Lauvia Lavine, the fourth of five children of Edward Lavigne and Anne LaClair.  Edward was a farmer, born in Burlington, and Annie was born in Conway NH.  Subsequent records refer to her as Vinnie. When the fifth child was born in 1886, the record stated that the father, Edward E Lavine was in the hospital, insane.  He died two years later.  Anne was not able to keep the family together, and the children went to live with other families, formally or informally adopted. 

Vinnie became the adopted daughter of Sophia Savins, and was with her in the 1900 census in Glover VT.  She was called Vinnie E, the E being for Eva, but I don’t know if she got that middle name from Anne or from Sophia.  By 1900, Sophia was widowed, and had had two children, with neither still living.  Sophia did not list an occupation, and was born in Vermont.  Vinnie was at school. The census states that the birth location of Vinnie’s parents was unknown.  This gives us a clue to the fact that she might be an adopted child, because since Sophia knew her birth location, it would have been the same as Vinnie’s mother’s birth location, if she was not adopted.

About 1907, Vinnie married someone name Willey.  I have not been able to find that marriage record.  The 1910 census lists Vinnie E Willey as the adopted daughter of Sophia B Sawins (or Savins – it is hard to read.)   The census indicates that Vinnie had been married three years, 1 child born, 1 living.  Her son Glenn Reuel Willey was 1 and 9/12.  Her husband was not with the household, but the census says Glenn’s father’s birthplace was Canada (English).  Vinnie did not have an occupation listed.  They lived on South Avenue, but the house number was not listed.  This record does specify that Vinnie is the adopted daughter, and that Glen is the adopted grandchild of Sophia. 

On 14 April, 1917, Vinnie E Willey married Daniel C Coburn, son of Lorenzo Coburn and Julia Hill.  This was her second marriage, as she was divorced.  Her father was listed as George Lavine (it should have been Edward) and her mother was listed as Annie St Clair (it should have been LaClair.)    They were married in Glover by Rev Wilmand Warner of Barton.

The 1920 census shows Vinnie E Coburn living on Glen Road in Newport VT.  Her husband Daniel was a section man for the railroad.  The family included 11-year-old Reuel Coburn (Glen Reuel Willey). 

Daniel and Vinnie had at least three children.  The first, Julia Althea, was born 8 April 1920 in Newport.  That record lists her mother’s name as Vinnie Eva Savins.  Florence Alice was born 26 November 1921, and her mother was listed as Vinnie Saviens.  Florence was also listed as the third child, but I suspect that this was an error, as she was only born 18 months after Julia.  The next child, Roy Nelson, was born 1 June 1923 in Newport.  His record lists his mother’s last name as Sawins. He died at age three of pneumonia.

The 1930 United States Federal Census shows that the family is still on Glen Road in Newport.  Daniel was a light tender for the railroad.  They owned their home, which was valued at $2000.  Besides the two daughters, the household included Daniel’s niece Flossie M Hodson, who was a waitress at a restaurant. 

Vinnie’s mother Anne LaClair Lavine Hyland died in 1937, and her obituary notes that all five of her children, including Vinnie Coburn of Newport survived her.

Daniel died of cancer on 1 December 1941 in Barton.  He was listed as married (not widowed) with spouse’s name Vinnie Sawins.  I do not have a death record for Vinnie, but presume that she died after 1941.

Julia and Florence did not marry.  Florence’s death record from 1998 lists her mother as Mini Laviene, and Julia’s from 2002 lists her as Vinnie Eva Savins.   I could not find Glenn Willey or Coburn in the 1930 census, but did find one who was born 2 July 1908 in Vermont and died in 1977 in California, who was probably her son.


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