Sarah Abbie McKeown died 19 September 1938

Sarah McKeown was born 14 March 1878 in Lawrencetown, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, the first of two daughters of John W McKeown and his wife Amanda Barteaux.  The 1881 Canada census lists the family in nearby Clarence.  John was a farmer of Irish ethnicity, and the family was Canadian Methodist.  The household included Sarah’s baby sister Kate, who was born in 1880, and a woman who is most likely Amanda’s sister.  The name is hard to read, but it was indexed as Eigilba.  (Amanda had 11 brothers and sisters – this name and age most closely matches Mezelva.) 

The 1891 census records the family still living in Clarence.  This time the family includes Annie Laurie McKeown, Sarah’s half sister from her father’s first marriage.  John was still a farmer, and Amanda’s sister still lived with them.  Sarah’s mother Amanda died in 1894

Sarah (as Sadie) attended Bridgetown Academy, graduating in 1894, and qualified as a teacher.  She attended school with her distant cousin, Annie Laura Hodges. 

Sarah moved to the United States in 1898, and in 1900 was living in Lynn, MA with Colin and Alice Lewis.  The record says she is Colin’s niece, but more precisely, she is Alice McKeown Lewis’ niece.  Her occupation was “home work”.   

The 1901 Lynn city directory list Sadie A McKeown, bookkeeper, boards #1 Pearl. She is not listed in the 1902 directory.   The 1903 directory lists her as a nurse, living at #1 Pearl.  She is not in the 1904, 1905, 1906 or 1907, but her father had moved to Lynn and was boarding at 1 Pearl.  

In 1903, a Sarah McKune sailed on the Prince Arthur from Yarmouth NC to Boston.  This might be Sarah McKeown, but the passenger list does not have enough other information, such as occupation or a relative’s name, for me to be sure it is Sarah. 

Sarah married Edmund Knight in 1907, and that record listed her as Sarah Abbie McKeown Stone, widow.  I have not been able to find a marriage record for Sarah and Mr Stone.  I have not been able to find a record of Mr Stone’s death, or children born to them.   In the 1907 Lynn directory, there is a Sadie Stone rooming at 45 Stewart, who is a waitress.  Is this Sarah?

Sarah and Edmund were married 14 June 1907 in Lynn, and the marriage was recorded in both Lynn and Cambridge.  He was born in 1881 in Boston, the son of John J Knight and Jennie A Gilmore.  The record lists Sarah as widowed, living at 1 Pearl Street.  Edmund was a musician who lived at 7 Essex Street in Cambridge, and this was his first marriage. 

In 1910, Sarah and Edmund lived in Cambridge on Pemberton Street.  Edmund worked as a musician in an orchestra, and Sarah’s father lived with them.  This census says that Sarah had 1 child born, 0 living.  I do not know if the child was from her first or second marriage, as I have not been able to find a Stone or Knight birth/death with her listed as mother. 

Sarah’s father John died 2 May 1912 at their home at 29 Pemberton in Cambridge.  Sarah A Knight was the informant.  Cause of death was listed as “Illuminating gas poisoning, accidental.”  His body was returned to Nova Scotia to be buried with his wife. 

The 1913 Cambridge city directory lists Knight, Edward F, musician, h 29 Pemberton.

By 1920, Sarah and Edmund had moved to Arlington.  Edmund worked as an office clerk at a newspaper.  The census says that Sarah became a naturalized citizen in 1913, although I have not been able to find that record. 

In 1930, Sarah and Edmund lived at 33 Allen Road in Winchester, MA.  Edmund was a salesman in advertising.  They owned their own home, which was valued at $10,000.  This census asks for the person’s age at first marriage.  I was hoping for another clue to Sarah’s marriage to Mr. Stone, but she gave her age at first marriage as 29, which was her age at the time of her marriage to Edmond. 

Sarah died 19 September 1938 in Cambridge MA.  Edmund died in 1963.



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