George Dewey Laber died 20 September 1946

George D Laber was born 12 May 1898 in Morrisville, VT, the third of six children of Marcel (Marshall) Labor and Jennie Clara “Carrie” Hale.  George had one older brother, Loyal, and an older brother who died young.  A two-day-old sister died in 1900.

The family was counted in the 1900 census in Wolcott.  Marshall was a farmer, and the record confirms that Carrie had given birth to four children, two still living.  Two more sisters were born in the next couple years – Mary Emma and Erva Lucinda.  In 1910, the family lived in Waterbury VT, and Marshal was laborer on a dairy farm. 

On 12 November 1915, George married Della Rose Goodell, daughter of George Goodell and Ada Culver.  He was 17 but claimed to be 21, and she was 13 but claimed to be 16, and was married with consent of her parents.   Their first child ( first of 14), Loyal Edward, was born in 1918 in Hartford.  George was a farmer.  His WW1 draft registration card says that he worked as a farm laborer for Landon Hazen.  His wife was his contact person.  

George’s family was living in Hartford in 1920.  George claimed to be 21, and Della 17, which corresponds to their birth records (not their marriage record.)  They rented their home on Main Street, and George was a laborer on a dairy farm.  George and Della could both read and write, and George reported that his father Marshal was born in Canada. 

George and Della’s family grew rapidly.  In 1920, Richard Langdon was born, and his father was listed as a farmer in Hartford.  Raymond Romeo was born in 1922 in Pomfret, and a stillborn son was born in 1924 in Morristown.  In 1925, the first daughter, Mary Ruth, was born in Hartford and George’s occupation was listed as laborer.   Royal Leslie was born in 1927 in Hartford, followed by Alma Mae in 1928 in Norwich.  At that time, George was listed as a farmer. 

The family was counted in the 1930 census in Norwich.   George was a laborer on a general farm.  They owned their house valued at $1600, which was about average for that neighborhood.  Their family had a radio.  Under “age at first marriage” they listed 18 and 13. 

More children joined the family over the next few years.  Robert was born in 1930.  Three more daughters (believed to be still living) were born in 1932, 1933, and 1934, all in Norwich.  Mildred Alice was born in 1936, but died at age 5 weeks of broncho pneumonia.  Gordon Lewis was born in 1937. The last child, Irene Evelyn, was born in 1939 but died at age 9 days. 

In 1940, “Dewey”  and Della and 10 children lived at Brown Meadow in Norwich, in the same place as in 1935.  He and the older sons worked as farm hands.

George died 20 September 1946 in Waterbury, of intercranial neoplasm (brain tumor) and was buried at Hillside Cemetery in Norwich.   I have no records to indicate that Della remarried.  She died 24 January 1972 in Hanover NH.

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  1. Julie said,

    June 9, 2012 at 16:48

    Mary Ruth was my grandmother. I have a couple photos if you would like a copy.

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