Jacques Joseph Genest dit LaBarre born 24 September 1707

Jacques Genest dit LaBarre was born 24 September, and baptized 25 September, 1707, in Tilly, Lotbiniere, Quebec, the son of Jacques Genest dit LaBarre and Marie Francois Huot dit St-Laurent.  His grandfather Jacques was the immigrant ancestor of this line, who served in the Salieres Regiment, and who married Catherine Doribeau, one of the Filles du Roi (King’s Daughters).

Jacques and Madeleine Arsenault had a son Joseph, who was born in 1727 in Bécancour, Quebec.  It is believed that Jacques and Madeleine were not married. 

I have no more records for Jacques.  Unfortunately, looking at posted family trees on line causes more confusion than clarification.  Many trees say that he died 15 December 1741, while many of those same trees have that as also the death date of his father.  I was not able to find the death record for Jacques the elder, so do not know if it might have named his parents and clarified which man died that year.  I guess I shouldn’t complain – while looking for information in my own database about Jacques, I found a grandson of his for whom I have a death age of 7 days, yet I have given him a wife and 8 children.  I need to sort that out!

Did Jacques go west and disappear into an area where no records were kept?  In the 1700’s, many French Canadian immigrants went west to participate in the fur trade.  Perhaps my 6th great grandfather was one of those.


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