John “Jack” Laber died 26 Sep 1984

John Donald Laber was born in Beverly, MA on 4 February 1915, the only son of Eugene R Laber and Jessie Noseworthy.  Jack was supposedly adopted, but Eugene and Jessie are named as the parents in this record

The newspaper collection in Ancestry includes the Fitchburg Sentinel, and gives us a glimpse into Jack’s life, more than just the census or BMDs. 

In 1928, Jack participated in a junior high school band presentation.  In 1932, Jack acted in a church play called “Aaron Slick of Punkin Crick.” He was in the band, in track and field, and was on the First Baptist YMCA basketball team.

In 1933, Jack joined the amateur radio club. He was also president of the debating club, on the honor role, and senior play.  He also assisted at other church youth events during the year.  John assisted with the church’s centennial celebration.  Also assisting was Frances Angevine – I thought this might be his wife-to-be, but another news story has her marrying Franklin Boyle.    

The Fitchburg city directory list John D Laber as a salesman, residing at 87 Mechanic (his parents’ address).  He was also a church youth group leader.  In 1936, he played Amon in the church’s drama “Simon the Leper”.  In 1937, Jack was listed as “The Karmelkorn Shop”, a confectionary.  He might have been the owner, not just an employee.  In the late 1930s and early 1940s, he worked as a clerk.

Jack enlisted in World War II, from Worcester, on 25 Feb 1942.  His was described as having four years of high school, being single, without dependents.  He was 66” (5’6”) and 156 pounds, single, without dependents. 

In training, probably in Texas, Jack’s tank hit a dune. He hit his face up and was severely cut. Alfred recollects that Jack stayed in the hospital while the rest of his unit went to Africa, and was wiped out.  Jack was assigned to an anti-tank unit, and was hit again, in Italy.

The Fitchburg directory lists Jack as being in the US Army through 1946.  When he returned, he worked for Hudson cleaners from 1947 – 1957.  In 1950, he signed a petition opposing a proposal to raise the rates of auto insurance to cover the higher costs in the larger cities. 

In 1961, Jack was working in investment securities in Boston, and had moved to 43 Myrtle Avenue in Worcester.  In 1969, he sold that property.  He was also elected to the First Baptist Church audit committee for three years. 

Jack married a lady named Frances, some time after he enlisted in the Army – perhaps after the war.  I do not know the marriage date, her last name, or her death date. 

Jack died 26 September 1984.  I have no record of him having any children.


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