Dexter Walter Royce died 27 September 1938

Dexter Royce was born 10 October 1874 in Chelsea, VT, the son of Oscar H Royce and Alfasette (Alfarette?) Picknell.  Oscar and Nettie were related – Family Tree Maker says she was his “half aunt”. 

The 1880 census lists the family living in Chelsea.  Oscar was a laborer. His wife is called Maria in the census.  It is clearly written, so isn’t a transcription error when the index was made.  Perhaps that is Nettie’s middle name.  I didn’t find a marriage record for him to anyone named Maria.

In 1894, Dexter bought 150 acres of land from JS Bean.  The next April, and again in July, Dexter sold property to Bean.  I don’t know if it was the same parcel of land going back and fourth.                                                                 

On 16 November 1895, Dexter married Mary E Blood, (Minnie) daughter of George Blood and Sarah Picknell.  The record says that this is the first marriage for Dexter, and the second for Mary.  Dexter is Mary’s first cousin, once removed.  She is also his half first cousin.  Mary had previously been in a relationship with Calvin Dexter Royce (and had a son with him).  Dexter Walter Royce is Calvin Dexter Royce’s nephew.  FTM says that Mary and Dexter are related in eight different ways, but these are the most simple to describe. 

 In 1900, Minnie and her son Calvin were living in Camden, Maine, next to her daughter Grace and family.  Minnie listed herself as widowed.  I have not yet found Dexter in the 1900 census.  He was probably in the Sharon VT area, as he sold 150 acres of land to JS Bean in 1902, and more land in 1904. 

In 1906, 1908, and 1909, Dexter lived at 75 Bay View Avenue in Quincy MA.  Wives were not listed in the directory, but he had Minnie had reunited and she was in the 1910 census together in Quincy.  Dexter a teamster, was 43, Minnie listed her age as 32 but was really 53, and her son Clarence, age 25, was a shipper in a store.  They were still listed in Quincy in the 1912 city directory. 

In 1915, Dexter and family lived at 104 Elm, in Stoneham, where he worked at teaming and jobbing. In September, he was involved in a car/motorcycle crash.  He was driving the car, and the news article said the motorcycle driver was thrown from his machine and shaken up and bruised on the face and arms.  The article didn’t say who was at fault.   In the 1920 Quincy directory, they lived at 67 Walnut, and Dexter worked as a teamster.  The 1920 census lists them living in Hanover MA, where he continued to work as a teamster.  He gave his age as 52, Minnie claimed to be 51 (she was 63.)    

Dexter and Minnie moved to Boston, and were counted there in the 1930 census.  He was a laborer in a woolen mill.

Minnie died in 1934 in Hanover MA and was buried there.  Dexter paid for the cemetery plot, but did not put up a headstone.  Dexter married again, to Rose Freeman.  He moved to Lebanon NH, and worked as a farmer.  He died 27 September 1938 of coronary thrombosis, at age 63.  His place of death was Waterbury, VT.  The record indicates that he did not die in a hospital, and that his regular address was Lebanon.  Informant was Dan Royce, so Dexter may have been visiting in VT when he died.   

Other than her listing on Dexter’s death record, I have no information about Rose Freeman.


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