Alice M Hawkins born 30 September 1886

Alice M Hawkins was born 30 September, 1886, in Plymouth, NH.  She was the only child of Andrew Jackson Hawkins and his second wife, Margaret Teresa Meagher.  In researching Alice, I reviewed Andrew’s records, and “discovered” his marriage record to Margaret.  They were both living in Winchester MA, where he worked as a laborer, and were married in Boston on 30 September 1885.  This record lists his parents as Cornelius D and Sarah W Hawkins, and Margaret was the daughter of William and Ann Meagher.   The marriage was apparently entered twice, and the other record lists his mother as Sally W.

Alice’s father committed suicide in 1889.  Her mother remarried, to Gilman Marsh, in 1890.  She was with him in the 1900 census, but Alice was not.  Alice was adopted by Charles H Cutter.  In 1900, she was with Charles and Lucy Cutter in Plymouth.  Charles was a farmer.

On 29 January 1910, in Plymouth, Alice married Perley A Plant, son of Frank Plant and Viola Miller.  Although the marriage record lists her name as Alice M Cutter, it does list her parents as Andrew J Hawkins, resident of Plymouth but deceased, and Margaret T Meagher, resident of Plymouth, housekeeper.  Alice and Perley were both residents of Plymouth.  He was a base ball pressman, she was a box folder.  This was the first marriage for both, performed by Denton Wilson, clergyman of Plymouth.  Draper-Maynard Baseball Factory manufactured sporting equipment from about 1880 to about 1930, including equipment used by Babe Ruth.  They developed the padded gloves, and were the first company to design gloves for specific fielding positions. 

In the 1910 census, Alice and Perley Plant were listed as living in Plymouth, living next door to his parents on Fairgrounds Road.  He was a ball presser at a baseball factory, and Alice was not employed.  Their first child, Melvin Perley, was born 15 November 1910 in Plymouth, and died at age two of cerebrospinal meningitis.  Their second child, Mildred Evelyn, was born in 1914 in Plymouth.  Alice and Perley divorced, and he married Alice M Perry.

On 17 February 1918, in Laconia, Alice married Byron Gibbs Herbert, as his second wife.  In this record, Alice lists her parents as Charles H Cutter of Santa Barbara CA, and Susan Odell Green, deceased.  I was not able to find marriage records for Charles Cutter, so don’t know if Susan is the same person as Lucy from the 1900 census.  Charles and Lucy (0r Lucia) seem to have been together since before 1880.  Alice and Byron were both residents of Laconia.  He was 41 and a car builder (not sure if automotive or railroad.)  Alice was 31 and a needle maker.  This was the second marriage for both, and both were divorced. 

In 1920, the family lived at 256 South Main in Laconia, boarding with Abbot M Cotton.  Byron was a laborer in a car shop, and Alice was a needle maker in a needle shop.  Mildred was 8.  The 1930 census lists Byron, Alice, and Mildred, but the image was so blurry that I could not read their occupations.  I found no records for children of Alice and Byron. 

I have not yet found a death record for Alice.  Mildred’s first marriage (1930 to George McEnnis) lists her father as deceased, her mother living.  Mildred’s second marriage (1932, to Charles Bernier) says that her mother is a resident of Plymouth. 

Byron died 18 July 1940 in Laconia.  The index did not list a cause of death, says he is married, and names his wife as Alice Meeker Cutter.  I suspect that she was actually named Alice Meagher, her mother’s maiden name.


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