Mary Elizabeth Orne born 1 October 1853

Mary Orne was born 1 October 1853 in Marblehead, Massachusetts, one of five children of Benjamin S Orne and Sarah S Johnson.  Her birth record lists her father as a farmer.  By 1860, Benjamin listed his occupation as a shoemaker, and claimed $500 worth of personal property.  

In 1870, the Orne household included Stephen Taylor Hodges, son of Jonathan Hodges and Ruth Taylor of Nova Scotia.  He had married Mary’s sister Sarah, on 20 January 1870 in Marblehead.  Sarah died in November of TB.  A year later, Mary married Stephen, on 27 October 1871. Stephen worked in a shoe factory.  Besides being a famer, Stephen’s father had also been a shoemaker. 

Mary and Stephen had three children:  Edward Taylor (1872 – c1948), Sarah Marie (1874 – aft 1838) and Annie Hooper (1881- 1967). 

Mary and Steven lived with other members of the Orne family apparently for the rest of their lives.  In 1880, Benjamin was the head of the household in Marblehead, which included his wife Sarah, and Mary’s brothers Charles and John.  Stephen worked as a shoe heeler, and Mary’s occupation was keeping house.

Mary’s father Benjamin died in 1883 in Marblehead. 

The family moved to Haverhill and in the 1900 census, Stephen is the head of the household.  The census taker actually recorded his name as Samuel, but all the other Hodges and Orne names prove it is the same family.  They lived at 198 Main Street.  Stephen was an edge trimmer (shoes).  The household included Mary’s two daughters Sarah and Annie, plus her mother, and brother Charles.  Mary’s son Edward had moved out, sought his fortunes in the Alaska gold rush, then returned to Massachusetts, married and started his own family.

In 1910, the family lived at 15 Claremont in Haverill. Mary’s mother was the head of the household.  Stephen, at age 65, was working as a trimmer in a shoe factory.  Mary’s brother John was a florist, and Charles was a violin maker.  Daughter Annie had married Henry Horton and started her own family.  Daughter Sarah still lived at home. 

Mary’s mother Sarah died 16 January 1914 in Haverhill. 

Perhaps Mary’s oldest brother John inherited the family home, as the 1920 census lists him as the head of the household. He was still listed as a florist with his own shop, and Mary’s brother Charles was listed as an artist with his own shop. Stephen continued to work, at age 75, as an edge trimmer in a shoe shop.  Mary’s daughter Sarah was listed as a house keeper in a baby hospital.  The household included six boarders, age 12, 6, 8, 3, 2, and 3.  Perhaps Mary and Sarah ran some kind of foster or foundling home. 

Mary died probably between 1928 and 1930 in Haverhill.  In 1930, her husband Stephen still lived in the Orne/Hodges household, and gave his occupation as mechanic on a farm.  Charles F Orne was a poultry farmer.  Mary’s daughter Sarah, now 56, was still at home and had no occupation listed.  There was also a 9-year-old boy named William H Hodges, apparently adopted by Sarah.  There were again, two young children, ages 3 and 2, boarding with the family.  I do not have a death date for Stephen, other than after the 1930 census and he was listed in the 1932 Haverhill directory. 



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