Michael F Thomas baptized 2 October 1859

Michael Thomas was born in Québec city, and baptized at Saint Patrick’s.  His baptism record, which was in English, not French, reads:  On the second day of October one thousand eight hundred and fifty nine, we, undersigned priest, have baptised Michael, born seven days before, of the legitimate marriage of Francis Thomas, laborer, and of Elizabeth Barnes.  Sponsors John Thomas and Mary Thomas who together with the father have signed with us. 

The 1861 Canada census lists the family in Québec, where Francis was a laborer.  The record shows that he was born in Ireland, and the others – wife Eliza and children Philip, Bridget, and Michael were born in Lower Canada (Quebec).  The record says that they lived in a two-story home with three families living in it.  They were Roman Catholic. 

By 1871, the family lived in Lauzon.  Francis was a “journalier”, or day laborer.  Michael had two more siblings – Elizabeth and Susy. 

The Thomas family moved to Boston, and on 2 November 1882 in Boston, Michael married Elizabeth W Denny.  She had been born in 1859 in Cambridge, daughter of William Denny from Nova Scotia and Ellen Kelly from Ireland.  Both were residents of Boston, and Michael worked as a brakeman.  This was the first marriage for both, and was performed by William J Scanlan. 

On 17 October 1883, Michael became a naturalized citizen.  At the time he lived at 31 Mill street in Boston.    

In 1886 when the first child, Philip, was born, they lived at Mill street, and Thomas was a brakeman.  Philip only lived six weeks.  They lived in Boston when Elizabeth Ellen was born in 1892.  When son Michael Francis Philip was born in 1894, they lived at 11 Confirmation Court, and Michael was an electrician.  Daughter Susan was born in 1896 in Boston. 

The family moved to Everett, and lived at 13 Central when son William was born in 1898.  Michael was a car inspector.  When Mary Eva was born the next year, they had moved to 33 central, but Michael still worked for the rail road as a car inspector.    

The 1900 census lists the family at 33 Central in Everett.  This record says that Michael’s wife Elizabeth has had 11 children, but only five are still living (Elizabeth, Michael, Susan, William and Mary.)  Philip had died, but this leaves five other children who were born and died between 1882 and 1900.  I have not been able to find records for them.  The household also included Michael’s brother Frank, and Frank’s wife Mary and their two children, Philip and Lila. 

Elizabeth died 21 January 1901 in Everett, of pneumonia. Michael’s oldest child, Elizabeth would have only been nine years old.  Was she responsible for caring for the four younger children?  Did Michael have someone come in to run the house?  Or were the children sent to live with other people. Michael was listed in the 1902 Everett city directory as an inspector for the Boston and Maine Railroad, still at 33 Central. 

On 27 January 1904, in Boston, Michael remarried, to Josephine Mahoney, daughter of James Mahoney and Mary Mead.  He was a resident of Somerville, and inspector of air brakes.  This was Josephine’s first marriage, and she was a resident of Franklin Square House, and a bookkeeper.  Franklyn Square House was a once a world-class hotel, but in 1902 was purchased by a corporation organized by Reverend George Perin to provide safe, affordable, decent housing to single working women in Boston. 

This is the last record I have for either Michael or Josephine.


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