William Lutz married Mary Ann Brown 4 October 1826

William Lutz was born about 1804 in Dorchester, New Brunswick, the son of Michael and Mary Jane Lutz.  The Lutz family was of German descent, and had moved to Pennsylvania.  Before the Revolutionary War, Benjamin Franklin and others had a business venture whereby they recruited people to go settle and colonize a section of New Brunswick along the Bay of Fundy (now Albert and Westmorland counties.)  The captain of the ship dropped the settlers off at what is now Moncton.  The people were not well supported by the corporation, and struggled, but eventually prospered. Lutz is a very common name in that area.

William married Mary Ann Brown, and their marriage record reads as follows:  William LUTES Bachelor of the Parish of Dorchester and Mary Ann BROWN Spinster of the same place County of Westmorland were Married by Banns this fourth day of October one thousand Eight hundred and twenty six by me Lewis Trites J Peace In the presence of John BROWN Michael LUTZ This Marriage was solemnized between us William LUTES  Mary Ann LUTZ.

Family lore is that William and Mary Ann left New Brunswick in the 1800s because the family didn’t approve of Mary Ann or because of a family disagreement.  They crossed the Bay of Fundy in a flimsy boat and were never heard from.  Their families assumed they perished.  Generations later their descendants were discovered in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

It is quite believable that William and Mary Ann were the founding couple for the Lutz family in the Valley, as they had at least seven children, six of them sons: John Brown (1827 – 1904) who was perhaps named for the John Brown who witnessed the marriage, Rufus (1828 – 1907), William (1835 – 1887), Silas Crane (1837 – 1884), Mary Ann (1842 –  ?) Edwin Nelson Lutz (1844 – 1927), and James Albert (1846 – 1924).  Several family trees posted on Ancestry have Edwin Nelson Lutz dying in San Francisco in 1954 – that would have made him 110 years old.  I suspect that someone combined information about two different people with the same name and posted it publically, and others copied the information without verifying it.  In a way, I have done the same here.  https://novascotiagenealogy.com/ has a lot of vital records, but has major gaps in the years covered.  Unfortunately, out of all the BMDs for the above listed Lutz family members, I was only able to find the “M” for Edwin.

I was not able to identify William and Mary Ann in the 1861 census.  John Lutz lived in Kings County, and had five unnamed family members.

In 1871, William Lutes was listed in Aylesford South, which includes the small towns around Berwick, Morristown, Millville, etc.  The family was Baptist, of English origin.  They were living with their son Silas and family.

In 1881, William and Mary Ann lived in Harbourville, in Kings County, and claimed to be of German descent.  William was a farmer, and they lived with their son James Albert, and his family.

William died 8 June 1883.  Mary Ann lived another 10 years.  She was counted in the 1891 census with James Albert, in Harbourville.  She died 7 April 1893.  Again, I do not have actual death records for William or Mary Ann, but he was counted in the 1881 census, and she was a widow by 1891, so that supports these dates to some degree.



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