Johann Friedrich Hintz married Louisa Nuske 5 October 1842

Johann Hintz was born 23 October 1821 in Leipzig, Bessarabia, Russia, the first of eight children of Adam Hintz and Julianna Weiss.  Adam and Julianna were both born in Poland, but were of German descent, and gone to Leipzig to take advantage of opportunities there.  Czarina Catherine the Great had been recruiting Germans to help settle Russia, and provide a buffer zone between the established Russian cities and potential invaders from outside the country.  These settlers were supposed to be able to keep their language, culture, and religion, and be exempt from serving in the Russian military services. 

Louisa Nusske was born 12 April 1825 in Leipzig, daughter of Gottfried Nusske and Amelia Bierwagon.  The name is sometimes spelled Nußke.  Her parents were also ethnic Germans in Russia.  Her father died when she was 13. 

Johann and Louisa were married on 5 October 1842 in Leipzig.  They eventually had 13 children:  Anna Justina, Karolina, Adam, Christian, Carl, Dorothea, Louisa, Christoph, Christina, Susanna, Samuel, Gottfried, and Martin.  Karolina died at age 14, Adam at 3, Carl and Dorothea at 2, Christina at 12, all in Russia.  The other children married.  Christian, the eldest son, immigrated to America, and eventually to South Dakota.  He paved the way for siblings Gottfried, Josta, Louisa, and Samuel to follow.  Young Louisa (Mrs. Gottlieb Roehl) died in 1878. 

Johann Friedrich Hintz died 5 February 1885 in Russia.  I don’t know if he had planned to move to America, but the remainder of the family emigrated after his death.  Louisa arrived in New York on the ship EMS on 7 November 1885, with her son Christoph his wife Sophia, their son Samuel, her daughter Susanna, and son Martin.  They joined Christian in South Dakota, then moved to the Hebron, North Dakota area. 

Louisa’s daughter Anna Justina Klaus died in 1888.  Son Gottfried died in 1889. 

Louisa had a 160-acre homestead in her own name, and her sons also had homesteads.  The 1900 census shows Louisa, age 75, living adjacent to son Christian, and his family. The record did not give a town name, but a location of Township 137, Range 90, Christiana Roehl, age 72, lived with her.  This was in the Antelope Creek area north of the town of Elgin.  Louisa’s son Christoph died in 1900.

I was not able to find Louisa in the 1910 census.  She died 19 November 1913.



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