Alfred Manning Hodges and Sarah Lydia (Harrington) Nickbin married 7 October 1907

Alfred Manning Hodges was born 20 January 1885 in Charlestown, MA, second of six children of Aaron Mannong Hodges and Susan Louise Banks.  His parents were from the Morristown area of Nova Scotia, an spent time living in both Massachusetts and Nova Scotia.

In 1891, the family was living in Millville, Nova Scotia.  The family was Baptist, and Aaron was a farmer.  The family lived with Aaron’s parents, Ralph and Mary Hodges. 

In 1901, Alfred lived with is parents in Millville.  The family was Irish descent, Baptist.  Alfred’s older sister Leola died just seven days after he was born.  By 1901, he had brother Otto, Arthur (born 1888, died young), Norman, and Rawland.  Aaron was still a farmer.

Sarah Lydia Harrington was born 8 June 1882 in Scituate, Rhode Island, the daughter of Joseph Benjamin Harrington from Rhode Island, and Mary Jane Carr from Vermont.  She married George Everett Nicklin on 24 December 1896 in Scituate, RI, at age 14.  They were counted in the 1900 census in Scituate, where George worked as a farm laborer.  Sarah and George had a son Byron born 18 March 1902, and died 2 July 1902.  Sarah (as Sadie) and George were in the 1905 RI state census.  George died 22 July 1908.

I had originally listed Sarah Nickbin as marrying Alfred Hodges on 7 October 1907, I do not have an actual record for that.  I don’t know if Sarah divorced George, or if perhaps the marriage date to Alfred should be 1908 or 1909 instead.

The 1911 Canada census lists Alfred and Sarah living in Windemere (near Aylesford) Nova Scotia.  Alfred was a farmer.  The census says that Sarah went to Canada in 1909.  This record doesn’t say how long they have been married, or whether this is the first or second marriage for either.  Their first daughter, Elsie was born about 1911, but not in time to be counted in the census.  The second child, Alfred, was born in 1916, in RI according to the 1920 census, or in MA according to the 1930.  Mary Susan was born in 1920 in Massachusetts. 

In 1918, Alfred registered for the WW1 draft.  At the time, he was living in at 2 Albert Place in Framingham, MA.  His occupation/employer is hard to read, but appears to be manufacturing engineering equipment.  He was described as medium height and build, with blue eyes and brown hair. 

The 1920 census lists Alfred, Sarah, Elsie, and young Alfred living in a rented house at 31 Irving in Framingham MA.  Alfred’s father and family lived a couple houses away.  Alfred’s occupation was listed as laborer at a toilet supplies business. 

The 1927 Providence RI city directory lists Alfred M Hodges as a machinist, living at 672 Manton avenue.  However, the family returned to Framingham, and were counted there in the 1930 census. Alfred worked as a machinist in a foundry.  Elsie was not in the census with the family.  At age 19, she may have married and moved out. 

In 1931, Alfred was listed back in Providence, living at 670 Carl Street.  In 1932, he lived at 40 Plainfield.   

In 1935, Rhode Island conducted a state census.  Alfred lived at 14 Alfred Street.  The record said that he was not employed, and that he was not looking for work.  His birth date is given as February 1883, which doesn’t match other records for him.   Also living at the address was Sadie Hodges, who gave her birth date as 1 May 1887.  This does not match Sarah’s birth date, although I know Sadie is a nickname for Sarah.  She also is not working, nor seeking work.  Son Alfred lives at home, and works as a jewelry polisher, and his wife Concetta and daughter Constance live with them.   Daughter Susie lives there as well, age 15.  The record for Alfred says that “number in family” is 7, but I don’t know who the last one is.  These records are individual cards for each person, filmed alphabetically, and I didn’t find another Hodges in the family.

According to the directory, Alfred and Sarah lived at 291 Oak in 1940, 1941, and 1942.  He registered for the WW2 “Old Man’s Draft” from Providence.  He worked for the International Braid Company, which made boot, shoe, and corset lacings, and narrow goods for different purposes.  The family had their own phone, which has not been my finding in many other records of this era.  Alfred and Sarah continued to be listed at 291 Oak in 1943, 1944, and 1947. 

A Nova Scotia cousin remembers that Alfred had a plane, and used to fly up to visit relatives in Nova Scotia.  She thought that as late as 1957, he was still in Providence, RI.  Alfred died 27 March 1959.  I do not have a death date for Sarah, or locations (or cemetery names) for either. 



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