Lula May Levine died 10 October 1939

Lula May Levine was born 3 December 1878, in Barton VT, the first of five children of Edward Lavigne and Anne M LaClair.  She seems to have gone by Mae or May L.  Her birth record index card says that Anne LaClare was born in Claremont NH (should be Conway), and Edward was born in Montpelier VT, and was a farmer. 

In 1880, Mae was with her parents in Barton, where her father was a farm laborer.  They lived next to Philip Lavine – perhaps Edward’s brother.  May eventually had four siblings – Florence Martha (1880-aft 1941), Edward Wentworth (1882-1968), Vinnie Eva (1884 – aft 1941), and Elvie (1886-1937).  May’s father died when she was ten.  Anne was not able to keep the family together, and some of the children were adopted out.  I was able to identify their adopted names through the 1900 census.  However, May married before 1900, so I don’t know who she lived with, if not her mother, during that time.

May Lulu married George Kelsey Drew on 13 November 1899.  She was a resident of North Troy, VT.  The index card for the bride lists her parents as Annie L and John LaVine (should be Edward.)  This was the first marriage for both.  George was a resident of St. Johnsbury, son of Wesley Drew and Betsey K – perhaps Kelsey?  His occupation was moulder.  A moulder is someone who poured molten iron into casting molds.  Perhaps he worked at the Paddock Iron Works, which made stoves, plows, and milling machinery.

May and George were counted in the 1900 census in St Johnsbury.   This census lists George as a moulder – it is hard to read but almost looks like “seal shop”.  May did not have an occupation listed, but they did take in two boarders.  Their first son, Perley John, was born later that year (1900-1955).

The Drews moved to Glover, and son Clifton (1903-1951) was born there.  The 1910 census lists the family there, where George operated a general farm.  Son Alson was born the next year (1911-1982). 

In 1920, they still lived in Glover.  George was a mail carrier for the RFD route.  Rural Free Delivery was established in 1902 to provide mail delivery and services to the homes of farmers out in the country so they wouldn’t have to go to town to get their mail and stamps.  They still owned a farm, mortgage free. 

The 1930 census lists the Drews in Glover.  George was still a mail carrier for the RFD route.  May was the proprietor of her own beauty parlor.  Clifton was a hardware salesman.  Alson worked as a chauffeur for a private family.  Perley had moved to Massachusetts and married.

May died 10 October 1939 in Glover of angina pectoris.  She was buried at West Look Cemetery.  George died 22 November 1958 in Middlebury, and is also buried at West Look.   



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