Genevieve Tourville b 11 October 1866

Genevieve Tourville was born 11 October, and baptized 14 October, 1866 in Chateaugay NY. She was the eighth of ten children of Charles Tourville and Julia LeClair.  Her parents were both born in Quebec, but all the children were born in New York.  Her godparents were Narcisse and Genevieve Lecompte.

In 1870, Jane lived with her family in Chateaugay, where her father was a farm laborer.  He also had property of her own, valued at $1000, with personal property valued at $500. 

In 1880, Genevieve’s father and then brother Charles went to Leadville, Colorado.  Charles Jr’s wife and children followed in 1881.  Jennie also went to Colorado.  She signed “Patrini Fuerunt” (sponsor or godmother) for her niece Helen (Ella) Tourville in 1882.  In 1883 she attended the Pando-Mitchell school of the Eagle County school district, along with Charles’ children.   

Jenny returned to New York, and on 1 June 1885, in Ellenburg, she married Peter Tromblei, son of Francis Tromblei and Julia Souilliere.  The record actually calls her Virginia, but this is likely because she was known as Jenny or Ginny. 

The 1900 census list the Tromblee family in Ellenburg.  Peter was a farmer.  The record says that Jennie has had four children, four are still living: Maude, Charles, Lillie, and Isabelle. 

Jennie and Peter took their family to Hanover NH and were counted there in the 1910 census.  Peter ran a general farm.  This record says that Jennie has had nine children, with six still living: Maude, Charles, Lily, Isabel, Nellie, and Pearl.  I have not yet found the birth/death records for the children who died between 1900 and 1910.  Son Edmond was born in 1911. 

Genevieve died 5 December 1912 in Chateaugay, and is buried at St Patrick’s cemetery.  Peter remarried, to Florence Welch Vorce in 1917.  Peter died in 1930. 

In 1927, Genevieve’s daughter Nellie Sharrow and her 2-year-old daughter Isabelle were killed in a trolley and car accident in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Genevieve’s son Edmond was killed in the same accident, as was daughter Maude Rookey’s two-week-old son Ronald.  Maude was not expected to live, but did.  The news story from the Bridgeport Telegram said that Raymond Sharrow was driving a sedan loaded with the family members, when it made a right turn across the tracks and was struck by the trolley.  A couple people were thrown clear.  The rest were buried beneath the car, with the trolley resting on top of it.



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