Arthur Grant Vinica married Grace B Hayes 14 October 1910

Arthur Vinica was born 11 February 1868 in Concord NH, only child (probably) of George Webster Vinica and Philena Boyce.  George was a Civil War veteran, serving from his home state of Massachusetts.

The 1870 census shows George, Philena, and Arthur living in Concord.  George worked in an excelsior shop.  I don’t know what that is, and couldn’t figure it out on-line.  George had the same occupation in 1880, while Arthur was a student.

Arthur married Carrie A Holt on 30 October, 1890, in Concord.  They had three children. Carl was born in 1891, and died at age 7 moths of bronchitis.  The second son was Howard Frederick Vinica (1893-1964).  Another child was listed as a “live birth” in 1894 – the birth record didn’t list this son’s name.

Arthur was listed in a lot of city directories.  I first found him in the 1891 Concord directory.  He was a cabinet maker.  He lived on High street at the corner of Spring, in Penacook.  He had the same occupation in 1893, and lived on High at the corner of Jackson.   He was a member of Contoocook Lodge No 26, instituted in 1846.  This seems to be part of the Odd Fellows organization.  The 1895 directory lists him as a cabinet maker, still living on Main, but now described as opposite from the Academy.

Arthur and Carrie divorced, and he remarried to Ida May Thatcher on 18 January 1900 in Randolph VT.  They moved to Gorham, Maine, and the 1900 census says he was a day laborer there.  Arthur and Ida had two children, Eloise (1902-1992) and Lloyd (1903-1997).  Eloise was born in Randolph, and Arthur was working as a grocer at that time. Lloyd was born in Penacook.

The 1904 concord directory lists Arthur as part of G.W. Vinica & Co, running a grocery business at #5 South Main in Penacook.  Arthur lived at 64 High street in Penacook.  In 1905, Arthur served as served as C P (Chief Patriarch) of Winneperket Encampment of IOOF (International Order of Odd Fellows) in Concord.

Arthur had a change of occupation, as the 1906 Concord directory listed him as an electrician in Fitchburg MA, but still living at 64 High street, in Penacook.  He was also recorded as such in the 1908 directory.  Arthur moved to Providence, RI and we pick him up there in the 1909 Providence city directory.  He worked as an electrician at 17 Richmond, and boarded in East Providence.  By this point, Arthur and Ida had divorced.  He married Grace B Hayes on 14 October 1910, in Nashua NH.  She is the daughter of George W and Mariette (Blood) Hayes, and was divorced from Austin Simmons.

The 1910 census of Providence shows Arthur working as an electrician.  The 1910, 1911, and 1912 directories show the Arthur still working at 17 Richmond, and boarding in East Providence.  By 1912, they lived at 52 Walnut.  In 1914, the place of employment was listed as 248 Weybossett room 6.

Arthur was counted in the 1915 RI state census.  In 1917, the family was living at 24 Freeborn, and Arthur was still listed as an electrician. Arthur’s son Howard lived there also.  They had the same listing in 1919.

Arthur and family were listed in the 1920 federal census on Freeborn in East Providence.  The 1921 East Providence directory listed Arthur and Grace at 26 Freeborn.  They were listed the same in 1922, 1923, 1924, and 1925.

Rhode Island conducted a state census in 1925, and Arthur was counted in this census.  The city directory records continue with the same occupation and residence in 1926, 1927, and 1929.

The family was counted in the 1930 federal census.  The family now included Arthur and Grace’s adopted daughter Ruth, who was born in 1924.  The directories of 1931, 1932, 1933, and 1935 for East Providence list Arthur and Grace at 26 Freeborn, with him still working as an electrician at 248 Weybosset.  The 1935 state census lists him as a janitor in a public building.  The 1938 census lists him as an electrician, but starting in 1941, and continuing through 1946, at age 78 he was listed as custodian at the town hall.  1946 is the latest city directory I found – he may have continued working even longer.

Arthur died 7 April, 1950, in East Providence.  He was 83.  Grace died in 1957.


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