Elmer Francis Ricker d 17 October 1918

 Elmer Ricker was born 10 June 1881, in Quincy, MA,  the third of four children of Hazen Everett Ricker and Ellen Frances Newcomb.  Elmer’s one-year-old sister Ethel had died in 1880 of cholera, and his brother George died at age four weeks, in 1882, of cholera.  His younger brother Roscoe was born in 1889 (died 1944).  At the time of Elmer’s birth, Hazen was listed as a contractor.  It appears he worked for his father Enos Ricker’s granite company. 

In 1900, the family lived at 199 Shelton Road on Post Island, at Quincy.  Elmer’s father was a granite dealer, and Elmer and Roscoe were at school.  The household included a servant from Sweden named Amanda Karlson.  This census confirms that Ellen has had four children, but only two are still living. 

The 1902 and 1903 Quincy city directory lists Elmer as a Tech student, boarding at 59 Bigelow with his parents.  According to the directory, MIT was used as the abbreviation for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but “Tech” wasn’t listed in the abbreviation list, so I don’t know what school he attended. 

In 1904, he was listed as working in the granite business at 166 Devon, and boarding at 6 Bigelow.  On 12 April 1904, Elmer married Annie Henderson Graham, daughter of John Graham and Mary Penniman.  This was the first marriage for both, and both were residents of Quincy.  He was a granite dealer, she was “at home” and the ceremony was performed by William E Gardner, clergy, of Quincy. 

On 1 July 1905, Elmer and Anne’s daughter Eleaonor was born.  The birth registration lists Elmer as a granite manufacturer, residing at 6 Bigelow street.   The Cambridge directory of that year has a large advertisement for E Ricker Son & Co, the company established by Enos Ricker, and now run by H E (Hazen) Ricker, A L Melcher, and E F (Elmer) Ricker.  The business offices are at 166 Devonshire (Boston) and the yard at 10 Bridge street (East Cambridge).  They advertise that they have “up to date Electric and Air Plant.  Estimates furnished on all kinds of Granite Work.  Telephone connection” but number not given. 

The 1906 Quincy directory lists Elmer as Treasurer of the Christ (Protestant) Episcopal Church on Quincy Avenue corner Elm.

By 1907, the family had moved to 356 Washington in Quincy.  The business was described as “92 to 114 First” in Cambridge. 

The 1910 census lists Elmer, Anne, and Eleanor living at 356 Washington Street in Quincy.  Elmer was listed as a manufacturer of granite.  The record shows that Anne has only had one child.  Her brother Edward also lived with them. 

 Elmer changed occupations, and in 1912 was listed as an insurance agent, at 1416 Hancock in Quincy  He was also a notary public, and listed as a member of the Board of Trade.  I couldn’t find an explanation of that Board, but am guessing it might be similar to today’s Chamber of Commerce.   

Elmer was apparently reasonably successful in his new business, as he was able to afford large advertisements in area city directories for real estate, rent collection, and mortgages. 

When Elmer registered for the WW1 draft, he was living at 122 Presidents Lane in Quincy.  He listed his occupation as Real Estate Agent at 1416 Hancock, and listed his wife Annie as his nearest relative.  The card describes him as tall, medium build, blue eyes and brown hair.  Written across the card it says registration cancelled, but I cannot make out why. 

 The registration card was dated 12 September 1918.  Elmer died on 17 October, just five weeks later.  I do not have his death record, but he died during the time of the flu epidemic. 

In 1920, Annie and Eleanor were living on Whitney Road in Quincy.  I have no further records for them.



  1. Melissa said,

    December 21, 2012 at 16:20

    Wonderfully written! I have a photo of Elmer Ricker’s grave. Shall I email it to you, or post here somehow? (I am doing research for a Graham family friend.) Please let me know how. Thanks, Melissa

    • sooze471 said,

      December 21, 2012 at 20:24

      If you want to send it to me, I can add it to his FindAGrave memorial – or you can put it there if you want. Do you know what happened to his widow and daughter? Thanks – Susan

  2. Kim said,

    June 28, 2013 at 08:42

    Susan – I can tell you what happened to Elmer Ricker’s widow and
    daughter as I am a direct descendant. Let me know if you want any
    additional info.

    • sooze471 said,

      July 2, 2013 at 21:12

      Hi Kim – I would be happy to update the end of Elmer’s story. Thanks for contacting me.


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