Joseph Taylor married Annie McDonald Chase 20 October 1908

Joseph Alben Taylor was born 16 July 1848 in Chutes Cove, Nova Scotia, son of Abner Taylor and Eliza Chatner Tingley.  Chutes Cove is near Hampton, on the south side of the Bay of Fundy, about 25 miles east of the Digby lighthouse.  

On 18 October 1868, Joseph married Mariah Hodges, daughter of John C Hodges and Rachel Parker.  Mariah died in 1906.  Her story was told in a previous post:

Annie McDonald Chase was born 16 November 1866 in Wolfville, in Kings County, Nova Scotia, the daughter of James Edward Chase and Margaret Pattiloa.  Later records give her birth year as 1867 but since birth records are usually recorded at the time of the event, I suspect that 1866 is the correct year. 

The 1871 census shows the Chase family living in Wolfville.  Edward was a gardener, but the census doesn’t tell us how he was employed in that capacity – whether he worked for a private person, or perhaps had his own nursery.  Annie’s father listed his ethnicity as English, while her mother was Scottish.  Perhaps her middle name McDonald provides a clue to her mother’s clan affiliation.  Annie had an older sister Jane, and older brother Thomas P – his death record carefully spelled out his middle name as Pattiloa, which was helpful because his mother’s maiden name was hard to read on that record. 

The 1881 census lists the family still in Wolfville.  The Canada censuses did not give street addresses, so I don’t know if they lived in the same house.  Edward was a gardener, Thomas was a gardener and student, and Annie was a student. 

The 1891 census lists the same family members in Wolfville, although Edward has changed his occupation to truckman, which would be like a teamster – someone who hauls goods.  His son Thomas had the same occupation, so probably worked with or for his father.  Annie, her mother, and sister did not have occupations listed. 

In 1901, Annie lived with her parents in Wolfville.  Her father is now a liveryman, working in a livery stable.  Jane is no longer in the household.  I don’t know if she married, died, or simply moved out.  Annie’s brother Thomas did move out and marry. 

On 20 October, 1908, Annie, age 40, married Joseph Alben Taylor, age 62, widower.  This record lists Joseph as a carpenter, born in Hampton (Annapolis County), now residing in Aylesford, son of Abner Chase, farmer, and Eliza.  Annie was listed as spinster, born and residing in Wolfville, daughter of Edward Chase, liveryman, and Margaret.  Less than a year later, on 15 June 1909, Joseph died at Aylesford. 

Henry Hodges, cousin (once removed) of Joseph Taylor’s first wife Mariah Taylor, lost his wife Mary Amanda Soley, on 7 September, 1909.  A little over a year later, on 16 November 1910, Annie McDonald (Chase) Taylor married Henry Hodges also residing in Aylesford.  He was the son of Ralph and Mary Hodges.  This record gave Annie’s father Edward the occupation of truckman. 

The 1911 census shows Annie, age 43 and Henry, 56, living in the Aylesford district of Morden/Auburn/Victoria. 

Annie died 31 August 1931 at the Kings County Home, in Waterville.  The record lists her occupation as housewife, saying she had lived there three years, but I’m not sure if that means in Waterville, or in the county home itself.  The Kings County Poor Farm had been established in 1922.  The county spent $2500 for 90 acres, and the first patients arrived on a horse-drawn cart from Billtown.  It was built as a response to the need for a good home for the aged and poor, for people who had worked hard all their lives, and would be compared more to a nursing home of today.  

Cause of death was septicemia with chronic nephritis (infection from kidney disease).  She was buried in Aylesford (specific cemetery not named).  The informant was Henry Hodges.  I don’t have a death date for Henry, other than after 1931. 



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