Pierre Genest-dit-Labarre married Julie Massé 21 October 1811

Pierre Labarre as born 21 November 1785 in Bécancour, Quebec, the son of Joseph Labarre and Josephte Marcheteau.  Julie Massé was born about 1792 in Nicolet, Quebec.  I have not been able to find her birth record and do not know her parents.

Pierre and Julie were married 21 October 1811 in Bécancour.  They had at least four children:  Pierre (1816-1902), Louis (1818-1863), Theophile (1823-?) and Joseph (1827-1901).  Pierre died in 1859, and Julie in 1854, and I found no census records for them.  I did find it interesting that their son Joseph seems to have been the only one to go south to the US.  He lived in Burke.  Joseph’s second cousin was Joseph Labarre/Labor (1823-1899) son of Pierre Genest-dit-Labarre and Marie Louise Manseau.  This Joseph spent the later years of his life in Barton, which is near Burke.  I wonder if they knew each other, or knew that they shared great grandparents. 

The tradition for naming Catholic children was that they were given three names at birth.  The first, Marie or Joseph would indicate the gender of the child.  The second name was usually the name of the godfather or godmother.  The third given name was the one that would be used in everyday situations.


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