Mary Ann Hodges born 22 October 1826

Mary Ann Hodges was born 22 October 1826, in Nictaux, Nova Scotia, the first of nine children of Jonathan Hodges and Ruth Taylor.  Jonathan was from County Cork in Ireland, and Ruth’s ancestors were Loyalists from Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

Mary Ann married James Crowe Stevens, son of Ezra Stevens and Sarah Crowe on 9 December 1856 in Belmont, in Colchester County, Nova Scotia. The book “The Stevens Families of Nova Scotia” by Robert Kim Stevens says Mary Ann’s father was a Methodist minister and shoemaker in Nictaux.  The obituary for Mary Ann’s brother Sylvanus Boardman also refers to Rev. Jonathan Hodges, but I have never seen his name on any documents, such as marriage records.  His occupation on census records has not included “minister”. 

Mary Ann was a school teacher.  Since Nictaux is about 130 miles from Belmont, it would be interesting to know how they met.   Perhaps she was assigned to a school in that area.

The 1871 census lists the Stevens family at nearby Onslow.  The family was Baptist, of English descent. The family included Mary Ann’s four children – Sarah Alice (1857-1935), David WD (1860 – 1905), Alelia Jane (1863 – aft 1911) and Charles Seldon (1869 – 1926).  Mary’s father had died in 1869, and her mother Ruth was living with them.  They also had a boarder named John Terrell, age 74, born in Ireland, Catholic (so probably not related to them), occupation currier. 

Mary Ann was received into the Western Onslow Baptist Church in 1872 on a letter of transfer.

In 1881, the family lived in Lower Onslow.  James was a farmer.  Daughter Sarah had married John Wilford Manning Gunn, and moved to Belmont to start her own family.  David, Lilly, and Charles were still in the family.  They also had a servant named Elizabeth Brown, and a boarder named Abigail Lynds. 

In 1891, David had moved out, but Leilla and Charles still lived with Mary Ann and James, who was still farming.  Leilla (notice how the spelling changes each time?) was a day school teacher, and Charles was a telegraph operator.  Shortly after the census, Charles married Jessie Miller, and they moved west.  Charles’ brother David married Jessie’s sister Mary Jane Miller.

Mary Ann’s husband James died on 11 April 1893, and is buried at Belmont.  Her daughter-in-law Jessie died in 1898 in Kamloops, British Columbia, and Mary Ann was dismissed from the church when she went to Kamloops to pick up her grandson George. 

In 1901, Mary Ann was living in Lower Onslow with her daughter Lily, who had married John McKay.  She was 74, and listed her occupation as “retired”.   Mary Ann died 20 April 1910 in Belmont, cause of death was jaundice and heart failure, and Alice (Sarah) Gunn was the informant. Mary Ann is also buried at the Belmont Cemetery.  This is a small cemetery, no sign (as of 2004) across from the store, by the railroad crossing.  They share a headstone with their grandson, Seldon Dimock, son of J.P. and Lilly McKay died July 5, 1898, aged 4 mo.



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