Ezekiel Hodges married Annie M McCormick 24 October 1899

Ezekiel Hodges was born 14 November 1860, in Nicholsville, Nova Scotia.  He was the first of eight children of Jonathan C Hodges and Susanna Banks, and was named for Susanna’s father.  The 1871 census lists the family in Aylesford South, which includes Nicholsville.  Jonathan was a farmer, and by this time, Ezekiel’s siblings had been born:  Lilly, Susan, Rosanna, Allen (died young) Watson (died young) and Everett. 

In 1881, the family was still in Aylesford South, and Ezekiel, now 21, was also listed as a farmer.  The youngest sister, Eudivela, was 8.  The family also took in boarders – James Phalen (lumberman), John Roding (servant) John Goold (farmer) and Leonard Goold (servant).  I’m not sure if the servants worked for the Hodges family or just boarded there. 

In 1891, the family was in Millville.  The household members listed are Jonathan and Susanna, the Ezekiel, and then Roselia.  However, her name is crossed out.  I don’t have a marriage or death record for her.  Lilly, Susan Everett and Eudabelle are all still at home.  Although all of the surviving children are of marriageable age, I only have marriage records for  Ezekiel and Everett.   

One Nova Scotia directory lists Ezekiel as a farmer in Morristown.  The 1896 volume places him at Lake George, which is only six miles away.    

Annie M McCormick was born 25 September 1875 in Dalhousie, in Kings County, the daughter of Patrick McCormick and Esther Marie Quinlan.  The 1881 census lists the family in Dalhousie.  They were Roman Catholic, and Patrick was a farmer.  Annie came from a large family, as between the 1881 and 1891 census, we can  identify her siblings as James Thomas, Wallace, Catherine, Minnie, Bertha, Clement, Manor, and Joseph, and that doesn’t count any who might have been born and died between the census dates. 

Ezekiel married Annie at Berwick on 24 October 1899.  The record says that Ezekiel was a widower, but I have not been able to find a previous marriage for him.  This was apparently Annie’s first marriage, and both were residents of Nicholsville.  He was 38, and she was 24. 

The 1901 census shows Ezekiel and Annie living in Millville/Factorydale, next door to his father.  The census shows that he is Baptist, and she is Roman Catholic.  The family includes a four-year-old son, Thomas, born 10 January 1897 who is Roman Catholic.  Thomas was born almost three years before Ezekiel married Annie, so he could be from Ezekiel’s first marriage, or he could be an adopted son although the census does not specify. 

The 1902 and 1907 Nova Scotia directories list Ezekiel, farmer, in Nicholsville.

The 1911 census lists Ezekiel living with his brother Everett.  His is listed as married, although Annie and Thomas are not with him.  His father and step-mother are also in the household.  Ezekiel died 5 February 1932 at the Kings County Home at Waterville.  Cause of death was chronic valvular heart disease, and it appears from his death certificate that he may have been buried at the Home’s cemetery.  He was listed as widowed. 

I looked for a death record for Annie, but instead found that on 23 December 1918, Annie May McCormick, daughter of Patrick McCormick and Esther Quinlan, married Harry Hardey Haskell, in Vancouver BC.  Apparently she and Ezekiel had divorced, although she listed her marital status as “spinster” and used her maiden name, not first married name, for the record. 

Ezekiel and Anne’s son Thomas moved to Pennsylvania and worked on the railroads there.  He died in 1968.


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