Sophia Fink died 26 October 1919

Sophia Fink was born 8 February 1861 in Leipzig, Bessarabia, Russia, the daughter of Joseph Fink and Katharina Weist.  Although she was born in Russia, her parents were Germans.  On 18 December, 1881, in Tarutino, Russia, she married Christoph Hintz, son of Johann Friedrich Hintz and Louisa Nuske, also Germans.

Sophia’s first child, Samuel, was born in Leipzig in 1882.  In 1885, Sophia immigrated with her husband and son, her mother-in-law, sister-in-law Susannah, and brother-in-law Martin (all the living members of Christoph’s family who had not either died or immigrated).  They sailed from Bremman to New York on the ship EMS. 

The family went first to South Dakota, where Christoph’s brother Christian lived, then moved with him to Hebron, North Dakota, where the next three sons were born – Adolph in 1886, John in 1890, and Reinhold in 1892.  The Hintz family had a homestead in the north of Elgin called Antelope Creek.  The town of Leipzig was established here – named for their home town in Russia.  However, the railroad route passed by six miles to the south, and most of the town relocated to New Leipzig. 

Sophia’s husband was a farmer, worked on the railroad, and also helped build the Old Stone Church in old Leipzig.  More children were born Leipzig – Robert in 1894, Fredrich in 1896, twins Amelia and Wilhelm in 1898, and Anna Marie in 1900.  Wilhelm died at age 18 months of burns received when he got too close to a fire or stove, and his clothing caught on fire. 

Sophia’s husband died four days before Anna Marie was born, leaving her with eight children to raise from age 18 to newborn. 

The 1910 census lists Sophia at the homestead.  Her older two sons had married, but John, Reinhold, Robert, Fred, Amelia and Anna were still at home. 

Sophia died 26 October 1919 in Leipzig, after having a stroke at her home.  She is buried at the Lutheran cemetery in Elgin. 

Her obituary said that she had eleven children, but I have only identified nine.  She also had two surviving brothers and two sisters, but they were not named in the obituary. 




  1. Carmen Kesselring said,

    March 8, 2015 at 13:48

    I am related with this Louisa Nuske, mentioned here. I’ descendant of Louisa’s Nuske’s brother. Please email me for further information. Thank you

  2. Hintz said,

    December 31, 2017 at 11:08

    I am Ralf Hintz living in Germany. My parents left Leipzig Bessarabia in October 1940. Is someone interested in any contact with members of the Hintz family living in Germany?

    • sooze471 said,

      December 31, 2017 at 20:53

      My husband’s family descends from Adam Hintz (1799-1870) through his son Johann Friedrich Hintz (1821-1855). Does your family fit in this family somewhere?

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