Hattie May Richardson born 29 October 1876

Young Hattie Richardson

Hattie May Richardson was born 29 October 1876 in Mont Vernon, NH, the last of five children of Daniel Richardson and Mary Elizabeth Twiss.  Three of Hattie’s siblings died before she was born:  Albert Daniel (1860 – 1872), Cora Belle (1865 – 1866) and Augustine T (1868 – 1868).  Her brother Will Frank was 14 years older than Hattie. 

The 1880 census lists the family in Mont Vernon.  Daniel was a farmer, Mary kept house, and Willie was a farm laborer.  They lived next door to Mary’s sister Hannah (Mrs. Elbridge Trow and family.) 

On 3 November 1898, in Mont Vernon, Hattie married Charles Osmyn Ingalls, son of Dimyn Ingalls and Hannah Hunington.  Charles was 36, a farmer, and Hattie was 22.  Her occupation was housekeeper but I don’t know if she worked for others, or just kept her own house. This was the first marriage for both, performed by H.P.Peck, clergyman.    

Charles and Hattie’s daughter May E was born 29 April, 1900, in Mont Vernon.  The census shows the family in Mont Vernon.  Charles owned a farm (with a mortgage, and both Charles and Hattie could read and write.  Hattie’s parents lived nearby, and her brother Will and his first wife Hannah lived with the parents. 

May died 1 May 1904, at age five, from diabetes. An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article in 1904 about diabetes,that starts: Notwithstanding the large amount of research work which has been done on diabetes mellitus and the number of articles which have been written on its physiologic treatment, the disease is still improperly treated by too many physicians. The explanation doubtless lies in the lack of facilities for quantitative examinations of urine, and in the lamentably slow spread of that newer knowledge of the body metabolism, on which the rational treatment of diabetes mellitus is based. [To read more of the article, it can be purchased from JAMA, or read on line for free at Google books.]

Hattie and Charles had no more children.  They were in the 1910 census at Mont Vernon.  Charles operated a poultry farm, and they lived near Daniel and Mary E Richardson.  They lived at the same place in 1920, and their farm was free of its mortgage.  Hattie’s father had died in 1912, and her mother Mary lived with them.  The family apparently enjoyed camping, as I have photos of Hattie, Charles, and Mary, and their car, with a tent attached.

On 2 August 1924, Charles and Hattie hosted a family reunion for descendants of Daniel Twiss, Mary’s immigrant ancestor.  A news story about the event says, in part:  On Saturday, August 2, descendants of the original Daniel Twiss, who came from England to America many years previous to 1700, gathered for the second year at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ingalls in our town for their reunion.  The weather could not have been better, being delightfully cool and clear, giving to the distant hills that deep peculiar blue so characteristic of such days.  The situation of this home on the southern slope of Mont Vernon hill is ideal, protected from the strong winds but giving a wide range of vision over a beautiful section of southern New Hampshire.  Under the great elms and maples a bountiful lunch was spread upon the tables and greatly enjoyed by about thirty hungry members of the Twiss family.

Hattie’s mother was the oldest person present, and she and others “enlivened the occasion with reminiscences of old times and persons.”  Genealogical papers were read and guests gave information about their branches of the family.  There was a formal association of Twiss descendants, and Hattie was the secretary.  Mary died in 1929.

In 1930, Hattie and Charles still lived in Mont Vernon.  Their home was valued at $4000, more than most of the people on this page.  Charles changed his profession, and was an insurance salesman. 

Hattie died 7 June 1943 in Nashua (probably in the hospital, since she didn’t live there) and Charles died the following year.  Both are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Milford, with May, near her brother Will and family.


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