Austin Simmons Married Grace B Hayes 30 October 1894

Austin J Simmons was born January 1872 in Lebanon NH, the sixth child of Richard Simmons of Belfast, Ireland, and Ellen Dean from Canaan, NH.  His record says his name is Jas. A (probably James Austin), and that it was reported on the 19th, so his exact birth date is not known.  Subsequent records sometimes list him (in the transcribed index) as Austin J or Austin I.   Based on the birth record, I suspect the correct middle initial is J.  Austin was not the only one of his siblings to be known by his middle name, as Cushman A was known as Albert.

The family was listed in the 1880 census in Lebanon.  Richard worked in a cabinet shop.  Ellen kept house.  Austin’s two oldest sisters, Eliza and Jane, ages 16 and 14, worked as servants.  William, Lorinda, Austin, Ruth, and Cushman went to school.  Emma was not old enough to go.  New Hampshire birth records show that a child referred to as the 14th, born in 1885, was stillborn. 

On 30 October 1894, in Lebanon, Austin married Grace B Hayes, daughter of George W Hayes and Mariette Blood.  This was the first marriage for both.  This record says that Austin’s father was a fireman, born in Scotland, although other records say he was born in Ireland of Scotch descent.  Austin was 22, and Grace was 18.  Both lived in Lebanon, where he worked as a weaver.  They were married by W E Bennett, clergyman, of Lebanon.  Their son Ralph Austin was born 26 November 1895 in Lebanon. 

In 1900, Austin, Grace, and Ralph lived in Camden, Maine.  He worked as a weaver in a woolen mill.  This record indicates that Ralph was Grace’s only child, at least up to that point.  They lived next to Grace’s mother Minnie, and her son Clarence Royce. 

In 1908, Austin and Grace divorced.  Cause for the divorce was desertion and refusal to cohabit, and Austin was the libellant, or the person who initiated the suit. 

In 1910, Austin Simmons boarded at 7 Oak Street in Boscawen NH.  His marital status was divorced.  He was a weaver in a woolen mill. 

On 10 June 1911, in Concord, Austin married Mary Emma Ladd.  This was listed as the second marriage for both, with both being divorced.  She was the daughter of David Walker and Mary Hastings, and her former husband was probably Joseph Ladd.  He was a weaver, she did housework, and they were married by Henry G Chamberline of Concord, Justice of the Peace. 

In 1919, Florence Simmons got married, and named her parents as Austin Simmons and Emma Walker.  Florence was born about 1902, or nine years before Austin and Emma married.  Emma M Ladd was listed in the 1910 census with a daughter, Florence M Ladd, and listed as widowed.  Florence’s father may have been Emma’s first husband.  If she was really Austin’s daughter, perhaps that contributed to his first divorce. 

Austin’s second marriage may not have lasted long.  In 1920, he boarded at 126 Pleasant Street in Leominster, MA.   He listed his marital status as single.  He worked as a fireman in a carriage shop.  Emma was living with Florence and her husband in Nashua, and listed her own status as married. 

In 1930, Austin lived in Bristol, NH, and worked as a weaver in a woolen mill.  Later that year, on 6 June, in Tilton NH, Austin married Winnie Vinette Parker, daughter of Edwin Parker and Rhoda Fitts.  Austin reported this as his second marriage, although actually it was his third. Austin was a weaver, and Winnie was a music teacher.  They were married by J R Shultz, clergyman, from Tilton. 

I believe Austin died about 1946 in East Providence, RI.  His brother Albert lived there as well.  I have no more records for Winnie.


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