Timothy Garey died 31 October 1923

Timothy E Gary was born in Barton, VT, the son of Thomas Garey and Joanna Maynanhan (or some variation of that.)  Later records put his birth at 25 March, 1863.  However, the 1860 census for the family in Barton would place his birth year as 1859.  Thomas and Joanna were both born in Ireland.  The children were Morris, Thomas, Michael, Joanna, Ellen, and Timothy.  Thomas the father was a railroad worker, as were many on that census page.  Perhaps they were working on the railway system that became the Central Vermont Railway.   

The 1870 census lists the family in the postal district of West Charleston, in Barton VT.  Joanna is the head of the household, but the marital status was not listed in 1870, so I don’t know if she was widowed.  I did not find further records for her husband.  A Thomas Garey from Ira, VT did die of disease in Andersonville Prison in 1864, but there was another younger Thomas Garey from VT in the Civil War, so I suspect it was a different person. 

In 1880, Tim Garey and his brother George were servants (farm laborers) in the household of Amust Smith, a farmer in Granville, VT.   

Later, Timothy was a railroad worker, and by 1899, was an engineer.  Timothy worked for the Central Vermont Railway.  This company was established about 1847, and the CV Ry Historical Society has a website at http://www.cvrhs.com/cvrhshis/cvralpha.htm 

On 3 June 1899, Timothy married Dora M Jackman, daughter Samuel S Jackman and Delia A Abbott, and former wife of J William Tate.  The index card says that this is her second marriage, but does not say if she is widowed or divorced.  It is Timothy’s first marriage,  and was conducted by Alexander Campbell, minister from Burlington. 

The 1900 census lists Timothy Garry living with his wife’s parents on Upper Weldon Street in St. Albans VT.  He was a railroad engineer, and the record says Dora has had no children. 

The 1902 St Albans directory lists Timothy Garey, Engineer, residing at 32 Upper Weldon.  His brother George was also an Engineer for CVRy, living at 11 Gilman.  Timothy was listed in the 1909 Montpelier directory as an engineer for CVRy.  The directories did not list wives.  Dora died some time between the 1900 and 1910 census. 

In 1910, Timothy was a lodger residing at 42 Court Street in Montpelier, residing with Bernard and Margaret Carney, and Bernard’s 25-year-old sister Elizabeth.  Bernard was a section foreman for the railroad, and Lizzie worked at a dress-making store.  The census was taken in April.  On 6 October, 1910, Timothy and Lizzie were married in Montpelier by WJ O’Sullivan, Catholic priest. 

The Montpelier directories for 1913, 1914, 1915, and 1918 list Timothy Garey, engineer CVRw, residing at 8 Fullerton Avenue.  They were listed as homeowners at the same place in the 1920 census.  Timothy was an engineer on a steam railroad. 

In October, 1923, Timothy suffered an accidental fall resulting in a puncture wound from an oil can.  He developed gangrenous erysipelas (infection) and died on 31 October 1923 at Heaton Hospital in Montpelier.


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