Lorette Proctor Johnson died 1 November 1939

Lorette Proctor Johnson was born 7 December 1890 in Arlington, Nebraska, the fifth child of Hattie Ellen Dugan and Thomas Merrill Johnson.  She was named for her father’s mother, Lorette Proctor, who married William Johnson.  Lorette eventually had eight siblings, plus four half brothers and sisters from her father’s first marriage, and three more from her mother’s second marriage.  Thomas and Hattie moved to Washington but didn’t like the climate, so moved back to the Midwest.  Two of Lorette’s sisters, Julia and Ruby, became ill and died on the trip back. 

In 1900, the Johnson family lived in Nebraska.  Thomas was a carpenter, and the children were at school.  A couple years later, Lorette’s parents divorced after her father shot at her mother, and ended up in prison for assault.  Hattie moved west, and eventually married Frederick Golden on 1 April 1905 in Rathdrum, Idaho.  Six weeks later, on 19 June 1905, Lorette married Otto Antone Johnson (no relation) in Rathdrum. 

I have not been able to find Lorette in the 1910 census.  I have not been able to identify the correct Otto Johnson in that census. 

Lorette went to California, and in 1911, married Thomas B O’Reilly.  I have not been able to find that record, or any more information about him. 

In 1920, Laura O’Reilly lived with her sister Alice Johnson Keen, at 242 West Cherry, in Walla Walla, WA.  She listed her marital status as married, but Thomas was not with her.  She was employed as a nurse and cook for a private family.  Besides Alice, her husband, and their children, the family included half-brothers Fred and Lloyd Golden. 

Lorette went to Vancouver BC, and there married Thomas John Carter, son of John Carter and Ann Stephenson, on 5 July 1921.  The record lists her as spinster, although she was actually married at least twice before.  I don’t know if she was widowed or divorced.  Thomas was supposedly born in 1879 at Fort Scott, Kansas. 

Lorette and Thomas had at least one child, Thomas Willard Carter (1925-2005).  In 1930, they lived in Alto, in Columbia County Washington.  The census address was “no name” for the road, but was near Whetstone-Alto road.  Thomas reported his birth place as Missouri, and they operated a wheat farm.  They had two hired men, Donald Craps and JT Anderson, who lived with them and worked on the farm.  I looked for Alto, about 12 miles northwest of Dayton, on Google Earth, and found only a wide spot in the road with a grain elevator.  Alto got its name because it was the summit of the divide between Whetstone Hollow and Tucanon. 

Lorette died 1 November 1939, not quite 49 years old, in Dayton, WA.  The death record does not list a cause of death.  She was buried at the Dayton city Cemetery.  Thomas died in 1972, and is buried next to Lorette.


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