Everyone Has A Story

In November 2010, I decided that I would start a blog, and try to write one mini biography a day about a family member from my family tree.  I selected a person whose birth, marriage, or death was that day, and people who mostly were born before 1900.  I looked for people for whom I had gathered the information from records and newspapers, as opposed to just finding someone else’s already written information.  Because of the availability of records on line, most posts ended up being about people living between 1800 and 1950.   

Picking one person per day has helped me focus on that person, and for the most part, not get led down a side path.  I’ve found extra spouses and children.  I’ve looked more closely at homes and occupations.  I’ve tried to find more than just the BMDs so I could put the person in historical context.  I have tried to be better about recording my sources, even if they aren’t put into the blog.

I have also met new cousins who have provided information about our mutual family members.  I’ve been able to share information with them.

Having made one loop around the calendar, and written about roughly 450 people, I have decided to stop writing a daily post, and go to a less frequent schedule.  Since my blog is searchable, I hope that other distant cousins will happen across my postings and contact me with more information, or questions.  I will continue to search for new information about those already posted, and for those yet to be written. 

Everyone has a story, or is part of someone else’s story.


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  1. November 5, 2011 at 12:01

    You’ve done an incredible job! 🙂

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