Generations Project

If you are a fan of TV shows such as “Who Do You Think You Are?” there’s a similar show on line, at  It is also on the BYU television channel.

The Generations Project takes non celebrities, and helps them look at their family tree.  Usually there is a back story, for example, a couple whose sons were saved by a bone marrow transplant.  The match was so perfect that they wondered if they were related to the donor, so they researched their own, and the donor’s family.  I won’t tell you the answers.

This program doesn’t teach how to do research, although they generally say where they found the information, such as census records or church records.  The subject of the episode does do some travelling, and the goal of the program is to relate family history to the person’s current life or life’s challenges. 

For the French Canadian cousins, look for the story of Nick, as it includes his Quebec ancestors and talks about how his ancestors (and ours) lived several generations ago.

The bad news? Each episode starts with a 30-second commercial, which is fine, but it comes on at full volume and even if you turn it down, the next time it will be loud again.  The good news?  That is the only ad, so you can watch the 45 minute episode without commercial interruption.


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