George W Newell born about November 1776

George Newell has born probably in Gardiner, Maine, around 1776.  I have not been able to find a birth record for him and don’t know his parents.  There is a book which names the heads of families for the first census (1790) in Maine.  There are two Newals – Ebenezer and Ebenezer Jr; four Newells – Jonathan, Zacharian, Zebulen; and Jonathan Newhall.  Perhaps one of them is his father.  Gardiner, Maine, is located in Kenebec County. The earliest beginnings in the history of Gardiner may be said to date back to the year 1607, when a party of Englishmen made an unsuccessful attempt to colonize at the mouth of the Kennebec River. Gardiner was founded, in 1754. The Kennebec River flows through the town.

George filed intentions to marry on 21 June 1880, and on 10 August 1800 he married Abigail March, in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  She was the daughter of Nathaniel March and Elizabeth Heard.  They had at least nine children, including Harriet, who married Joseph Smith of Ipswich, and whose granddaughter Josie Newell Smith carries the name of her great grandfather. 

On 28 July 1800, George Newell posted an ad in Jenks’ Portland Gazette:  Wanted, a quantity of HOPS for which CASH and the highest price will be given, inquire of GEORGE NEWELL near the head of Union Wharf.  Portland, July 27 1800

By 1810, George and family were back in Kennebec, Maine.  Census records until 1850 only listed the head of households, but the 1810, 1820, and 1830 list children by ages, and they line up reasonably well with the children of George and Abigail.  In the 1830 there was a Nathaniel Newell nearby, in the age category of 70-80.  He is old enough to be George’s father, but I don’t know his relationship, if any. 

Abigail died apparently after the 1830 census.  George remarried, to Lydia Burns, on 16 May 1834 in Kennebec.  He was 57, and she was 28 and previously married to Benjamin Burns.  The 1840 census again only lists the head of household, but the ages do match up pretty well with George, a daughter from his previous marriage, his new wife, and their first son. 

The 1850 census in Gardiner, Kennebec County, Maine, lists George, age 72, a farmer, and his new wife Lydia, 44, William, 16, and Joseph, 8. 

George died 15 November 1857 in Gardiner.  Lydia died 29 June 1864 in Kennebec.  His death record does not name his parents.

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