John Clare Hodges married Agnes Sophia Stevens 23 November 1929

John Clare Hodges was born 18 February 1871 in Aylesford, Nova Scotia, the third child of John Henry C Hodges and Mary Jane Murphy.  He was known as Frank. 

The family was counted in the 1871 census in Aylesford South, which included the small communities around Morristown.  Frank’s father was a farmer.  Frank’s siblings were Egbert (1867 – 1943) and Arimenta (1869 – 1895).    

 The family was still listed in Aylesford South in 1881.  Frank’s father listed their ethnicity as English, although John’s father John C was actually born in Ireland.  John still worked as a farmer, and Frank’s brother Egbert’s occupation was listed as farmer’s son.  They lived next to the family patriarch, John C Hodges and his wife Rachel, and Frank’s aunt Diadamia (Hodges) Taylor. 

The family was counted in the 1891 census in Millville.  This was a community in the south part of Aylesford township, and it is likely that the family had lived in the same place for the past 20 years.  JH Hodges was still listed as farmer, and Egbert and Frank were laborers.      

On 2 November 1895, Frank Hodges married Margaret Gertrude Joudry.  He was 24, a bachelor and farmer from Millville and Gertrude was 21, a spinster, born and residing in New Germany, Lunenberg County, daughter of Joshua Joudry and Catherine Elizabeth Varner.  They were married in New Germany by Rev. Steven Lawson, Presbyterian minister.  New Germany is only 50 miles from Millville, but it is over the mountains.  Frank and Gertrude were in different churches – so I wonder how they met.

Frank was listed in the 1896 Nova Scotia directory as a farmer in Millville.  His son Lamont “Tom” was born in 1897 in Millville, and daughter Hazel was born in 1900 in Aylesford.  Inez was probably also born in Aylesford, in 1901, as the family was listed there in the 1901 census.  One sources says they lived on Ormsby road at Aylesford Station, in an 8-room house.  Another source says they lived at Dempsey Corner, and Frank was a farm laborer.  There may be truth in both sources, as Frank became a railway worker.

Frank and Gertrude had a baby in 1904 that died December 1904, age two months.  Gertrude died 29 January 1904. 

 In 1907, Frank was in the Nova Scotia directory of railway workers, as a section man in East Chester.    

The 1911 census lists the widowed Frank Hodges boarding with  Augustas and Maria Whitford in East Chester, and his three children, Lamont, Hazel, and Inez are with him.  The census also tells us that he earned $600 a year for his railway job. 

On 6 June 1911, Frank Clare Hodges, 40, widower, Baptist, trackman, residing in East Chester, married Lillian Webber, daughter of John Peter and Annabell Webber.  She was the widow of James Hebb and had three small children, Rena, John, and Burton.  They were married at Chester Basin by Rev. S. A. MacDougall. 

It appears that Lillian died, as Frank married again on 23 November 1929 in East Chester to Agnes Sophia Stevens.  At the time of this third wedding, Frank was listed as section man, widower, member of the Church of England, residing at 257 ½ Maynard Street in Halifax.  The bride was residing in East Chester, and had been previously married to John Zink.  The Zink and Hodges families were neighbors in the 1911 census.  

Frank died in East Chester on 26 December 1931 of an intestinal hemorrhage.  He was buried at East Chester.  His occupation at the time of his death was laborer, road work.  Other than the infant who died, Frank’s other three children all married and had families. 

Agnes died 31 January 1961 in East Chester. OBIT: Mrs. Agnes Sophia Hodges died at her home in East Chester at the age of 88. She was the daughter of the late George and Agnes (Hawboldt) Stevens. Mrs. Hodges¦ first husband, John Peter Zinck died in 1910. She later married Frank Hodges who also predeceased her. There were no children from the second marriage. Mrs. Hodges is survived by three sons, William Zinck, Windsor Forks; John, Hantsport, and Arnold, East Chester.


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