Francis Henry Lord born 31 December 1844

Francis H Lord was born 31 December, 1844, in Ipswich, MA.  He was the son of Jeremiah Lord and his second wife, Elizabeth S Harris.  He had an older sister, Caroline, as well as three older sisters from his father’s first wife, Sarah Baker.  Francis was baptized on 26 January 1849.  His mother died when he was not quite five, and his father later married Hannah Dennis. 

In 1850, Francis lived with his family in Ipswich.   His father was a housewright, or house builder, whose real estate was valued at $1000.  That was probably a comfortable value for that time, considering that his father was not a farmer.  The household consisted of Jeremiah, the three daughters of his deceased wife Sarah (Mary E, Lydia, and Sarah) and Caroline and Francis. 

The 1855 Massachusetts state census shows 10-year-old Francis living in Charlestown MA.  His father was a carpenter.  The household included his father Jeremiah, and his four older sisters, Mary, Lydia, Sarah, and Caroline.  The family moved back to Ipswich, and Francis’ father married Hannah Dennis 29 December 1855. 

In 1860, Frank lived with his extended family in Ipswich.  Head of the household was Eunice Dennis, probably Hannah’s mother.  Jeremiah was a tax collector.  Sisters Mary and Sarah were also in the household.

Starting by the time of the 1865 Massachusetts state census, Francis was called Frank, and all subsequent records I have for him use that name. The family lived in Ipswich, where Frank worked as a clerk.  His father Jeremiah was the head of the household and his occupation was town treasurer.  The family included Frank’s step-mother Hannah, her mother Eunice, and Frank’s sisters Mary and Sarah.  Also in the family was Josephine Felton, the daughter of Frank’s half-sister Lydia Ann (wife of Andrew P Felton.)  Lydia had died in 1859, and Andrew had been injured in the Civil War.  He may not have returned from the war, or possibly was not able to care for Josephine at that time.

On 29 January, 1868, Frank married Corianda “Cora” Brailey Grover, daughter of Ezekiel and Harriet (Baxter) Grover.  She had been born in 1847 in Maine.  Frank was a bookkeeper, and this was the first marriage for both.  Frank’s father Jeremiah died 12 March 1868. 

Frank’s first daughter, Annie D, was born 27 January 1869.  The record shows Frank’s occupation as bookkeeper.  The last record I have for Annie is a city directory entry in 1921.  It appears that she did not marry.

Just eleven months later, the second daughter, Alice G, was born 30 December 1869.  Frank still worked as a bookkeeper. 

The 1870 census lists Frank in Ipswich, employed as a bookkeeper.  His real estate was valued at $800, and his personal property at $500.  The household included wife Cora, daughters Annie and Alice, his sister Mary, and his niece Josie Felton.  On 6 May 1873, twins Stella Harris and Frank Campbell were born.  Stella died 15 August 1873 of cholera.  

The family lived in Ipswich at the time of the 1880 census.  Frank worked as a clerk in a railroad office.   The household included Cora, and their three surviving children: Annie, Alice, and Frank.

 The 1888-9 Ipswich city directory lists Frank H Lord as the chief bookkeeper for the railroad (at Charlestown), with a home on Mineral Court.  The 1891 directory is more specific, saying that he is the chief clerk at the car shop for the Fitchburg Railroad, in Boston, living on Mineral Court.  This directory listed the children:  Frank C was a clerk; Alice G did not have an occupation.  Annie D was working as a typewriter, a copyist in Boston.  This directory did not mention spouses. 

The Fitchburg Railway was incorporated in 1842 and originally ran from Boston to Fitchburg, then extended to a line across northern MA from Boston through the 4.75 mile long Hoosac tunnel.  The tunnel is still the longest active transportation tunnel east of the Rocky Mountains.  Fitchburg RR was  later leased to Boston & Maine RR in 1900 for 99 years but they actually merged in 1919.  The B&M was chartered in 1835 and was the predominant railway of northern New England.  

Frank’s son Frank died 26 March 1894 of Brights Disease (chronic kidney disease).  The 1896 city directory had the same information as in 1891.  The 1897 directory listed Frank as chief clerk for the Fitchburg railroad, Boston, with the family living on Mineral Court next to the railroad.  Annie worked as a bookkeeper for the Fitchburg railroad, and Alice was a clerk at W.E. Lord’s dry goods store.  (I don’t know how Frank was related to W.E. Lord – considering how common the Lord name was in Ipswich, they may not have been very close.)

The 1900 city directory lists Frank as working for B&MRR, living at #5 Mineral.  The census for that year lists Frank, Cora, Annie (a clerk) and Alice (a milliner.)  Frank’s sister Mary was also in the household.  The 1910 census shows them still at #5 Mineral.  Frank was a bookkeeper for a steam railroad.  Annie D was a saleswoman at a dry goods store.  The household included a servant named Louisa Veno.  Frank’s daughter Alice had married Joseph Franklin Austin in 1905.  They lived at 5R Mineral.  A current description shows that house as a duplex, so Alice and her husband apparently lived in the rear half of the duplex owned by Frank.  The 1900 and 1910 censuses confirm that Frank and Cora had four children, but only two still living. 

The 1912 Ipswich city directory lists Frank as clerk for B&M RR, house at #5 Mineral. 

Frank died 20 December, 1917, at his home in Ipswich, of lobar pneumonia.  Cora died 16 May 1919. Both were buried at the Old North Cemetery (now known as Highland) with the twins, Stella and Frank. They have entries on Find A Grave. Alice’s husband died in 1920.  The last record I have for Alice was a city directory entry from 1924.  I do not have death dates for Annie or Alice.  It appears that Frank did not have grandchildren.


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