John Labombard b 11 Jan 1866

John Baptist Henry LaBombard was born 11 January 1866 in Ellenburg, NY, and baptized 29 April 1866 at St. Patrick’s in Chateaugay.  He was the son of John Andrew LaBombard and his first wife, Virginia Goyette.  His godmother was Ceres LaBombarde and his godfather was Peter Nepreu.  John’s mother died when he was very small, and his father remarried, to Isabella M Tourville.

I have not been able to find the family in the 1870 census.  John’s father and stepmother married in 1869 at Chateaugay, and the first child (John’s half brother George) was born there in October 1870, but I have not been able find them in the census.  It is possible that they lived elsewhere and went to St Patricks at Chateaugay for the marriage and baptism.  An on-line tree has linked a John LaBombard in Rouses’ Point in 1870 to this family tree.  While John had a son John age three, the wife’s name and age was wrong to be Isabella, and they had another child who is not a child of John A and Isabella.

The 1880 census lists John Bombard with his father and stepmother, and his five half brothers, living in Ellenburg, NY.  John’s father was a farmer.  The LaBombards moved to New Hampshire. 

On 20 March 1899, John married Estella Marie Tacy, daughter of Israel Tacy and Selina Sandcom.  From this point on, records for John list his middle initial as P, but the marriage record does list his parents as John LaBombard and Virginia Goyette.  John and Estella were married in Lebanon NH by William B Weeks, Justice of the Peace.  Both were residents of Hanover.  He was 33 and a farmer.  She was 17 and a domestic.  Both were born in Ellenberg, and it was the first marriage for both. 

The 1900 census lists John and Stella Bombard, and daughter Mabel, age 3 months.  They lived at #3 Washington Terrace, in Concord NH.  John was a shoe maker.  Mabel had been born in February, but died in October 1900.  Her death record said she died of “milk fever.”  She was buried at Pine Grove, but in 1920, her mother had her moved to Blossom Hill cemetery. 

The 1910 census lists John P Bombard and Stella living at Curtis Villa, in East Concord NH, with their two children, Herbert age 8, and Theresa age 4.  Another child, Wesley, had been born in 1903 but died in 1908 of pneumonia.  John worked as a car cleaner for the railroad, and they rented their home.   

John and Estella divorced, and she remarried in 1917 to Ralph Hutchins.   John was ill with Brights Disease (kidney disease).  He lived with various LaBombard brothers, and eventually died 5 July 1918.  He apparently did not practice the Catholic faith of his parents, so was not buried with them in Lebanon, but rather at the cemetery in Etna, NH.


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