Philip LaClair married Modeste Chine 8 Feb 1808

Philip LaClair was born about 1776, the son of Jean LaClair (LeClerc) and Marie Angelique Roi. I have not been able to find his baptismal record, but his parents were named in his marriage record. His parents were married at St-Vallier, Bellechasse, Quebec, so it is likely that he was born there.  Bellchasse is in eastern Quebec, along the St. Lawrence river south of the Ile d’Orleans.    

Marie Modeste Chine was born 23 August, 1790, and baptized at St-Gervais, another parish in Bellechasse, 20 miles from St-Vallier.  The priest who recorded this event (in French, of course) must have felt compelled to conserve paper, as the writing was small, and there were about 11 entries on that one page.  Her parents were George Chine (sometimes seen Shinke or Zinque) and Modeste Ayöt.  Her father’s occupation doesn’t seem to be listed. 

On 8 February 1808, Modeste married Philip LaClair in St-Gervais.  This record says that Philip’s father and Modeste’s father were both farmers.  Philip and Modeste had at least six children:  Philip born in 1809 (died at 3 days), Francoise born in 1810 (died at 10 months), Elizabeth born 1812, Modeste born in 1815 (died at 7 months), Phillip born 1816 and Barnabas born 1827.

Vital records for the children indicate that Philip was a farmer.  Modeste died some time after the birth of her son Barnabus, and Philip remarried, to Esther Dauphine, in 1837.  Philip died 27 Nov 1848 and was buried at St-Michael in Bellchasse. This record gives his age as 72, and states that both his parents predeceased him. 

Modern descriptions of St-Vallier, St-Gervais, and St-Michael say they are small communities of about 1000-1500 people, and a Google satellite view shows the long narrow parcels of property that allowed more landowners access to the St. Lawrence.


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