Harriet Parmenter born 24 July 1815

Harriet Parmenter was born 24 July, 1815, in Antrim, New Hampshire.  Her parents were Amos Parmenter and Tryphena Bannister.  Her father was a farmer, a Deacon in the Presbyterian church, and held many town offices.  Harriet was the 11th of 12 children.  One older brother died young.  Her mother died ten days after the birth of the youngest child, and that child also died before her first birthday.  Harriet’s father remarried, to Mrs. Hanna Heald in 1820.  Harriet’s brother Luke died in 1828 at age 25. 

On 30 October 1834, Harriet married Dimon Twiss, in Antrim.  He was the son of Dimon Cressy Twiss and Sarah Ireson and made his living as a blacksmith.  They had three daughters, Harriet born in 1836, Mary Elizabeth born in 1838, and Hannah born in 1840.   Harriet married William Henry Weed Hinds, and died 7 February 1870 in Milford NH.  Mary Elizabeth married Daniel Richardson and she lived until 23 July 1929.  Hannah married Elbridge Trow, and died 28 March 1892.

 Harriet died 2 December 1844 in Antrim, and is buried with other Parmenter family members at Center Cemetery in Antrim.  I do not have a cause of death for her.  Her passing was noted in The Farmers’ Cabinet published January 9, 1845.  She was 29.

Dimon remarried on 10 Jun 1845, to Mehitable Hill.  He died in 1888, and she died in 1874 in Mont Vernon NH.


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