Henry Z Pollard Update

Henry Pollard’s initial post was January 25, 2012, and ended with the question of where he was buried.  Thanks to a cousin who lives near DC, I now have a copy of Henry’s death certificate, and a couple other documents from his Civil War pension record at the National Archives.  Henry’s place of death was Forest, in Bedford County, Virginia.  His date of birth was given as 1 April 1843, in New York.  Parents were confirmed as Clinton Pollard and Amarilis Sawyer.  The informant on the certificate was his daughter Etta, and it appears her address was 730 Rail Road Avenue, in Bedford.  Henry died 2 June 1912, and cause of death was cerebral hemorrhage (apoplexy).   The death certificate indicates that he had been at his residence for 1 year, 6 months, and 23 days, so they apparently moved from VT to in early 1911.  Place of burial appears to be Clay, Bedford County…but it is hard to read.  Forest VA is a rural suburb of Lynchburg.  Clay is listed as a “populated area” in Bedford County – a subdivision or neighborhood, not found on maps.  I have not yet been able to identify the exact cemetery.  I have a query in to the local library, which has an index of interments in the area cemeteries.  If it was created from death or cemetery records, Henry may be in it.  If it was created from a headstone inventory, he’s less likely to be listed. Also, the undertaker was WD Diuguid, and there is still a funeral home with that name, so perhaps they will have the information.   I have e-mailed to see if their records go back that far.

Henry’s wife Betsey apparently tried to claim a widow’s pension, as the other documents scanned and sent to me included proof of marriage.


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