Wilmer E Laber 1902 – 1929

Wilmer Laber was born 16 April 1902 in Lebanon, NH, the eighth of nine children of Frank T and Lizzie Laclair.  His older siblings were all born in Barton, VT.  The farmhouse they lived in had eight small rooms and a water pump in the kitchen, and a barn and out-house.  At the time Wilmer was born, Frank listed his occupation as stone mason. 

I have not yet found this family in the 1910 census.  Wilmer was in the class of 1920 at Lebanon High School.  In the 1920 census, Wilmer lived in Lebanon with his parents, his older brother Frank, and his younger sister, Ruth. 

Wilmer must have been popular with his nieces and nephews, as family photos show him posing with a handful of kids sitting on his motorcycle.

Wilmer married Kathryn Isabel Stephens, daughter of Henry T Stephens and Julia Frances Rahn. Kathryn was born in Lebanon NH in 1905, but later lived California.  I have not yet found their marriage record. Wilmer moved to California, and was listed in the 1923 Los Angeles city directory, working as a conductor for the L. A. Railway.  I don’t know if he was married, as it doesn’t appear that wives were listed in this directory.  One cousin believes that they married in California.  The 1926 California voter registration does list Wilmer E and Isabel K Laber, living at 334 McBride avenue, in Laguna precinct.  She was a housewife, he was a conductor.  They declined to state their political affiliation. 

Wilmer and Kay returned to New England, and Wilmer had a job in Springfield, VT.  That job did not work out.  Wilmer had some dental work done, then he and Kay went back to California.  He developed complications from the dental work and badly needed a blood transfusion.  Wilmer’s brother Frank, and family friend Harry Ryan drove to California to provide the blood and what little money the family had raised.  However, Wilmer died on 13 November 1929 in Los Angeles.  He is buried at Forest Lawn, in Glendale.

Although Kay was married twice more, when she died, she was buried as Kathryn Laber, next to Wilmer.  They both have Find A Grave memorials.


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