Rosa Hemmings 1880 – 1962

Rosa May Hemmings was born 19 September 1880, in Mansonville, Quebec, the third child of  William Hemmings and Josephine Laclair.  The family was counted in the 1881 census, living in Potton, Quebec, and Rosa had an older brother, William, and older sister, Florence.  The family was Methodist, and Rosa’s father was a farmer.   Rosa eventually had four more siblings born in the next ten years – Laura born in 1883, Robert in 1885, Minnie in 1888, and Roy born in 1891. 

In 1891, the family still lived in Potton. Rosa’s father now worked as a carpenter joiner – someone who works on the interior of houses, or makes cabinetry or furniture.  Rosa’s brother Robert died in 1893, after being struck by lightning.  The Hemmings family moved to Barton, VT, and Rosa’s youngest sibling, Clara, was born there in 1896.

I have not yet found Rosa in the 1900 or 1901 census.  On 18 May 1901, in Meredith, NH, Rosa married Austin J Swain.  Austin was about 20 years older, the son of Levi and Rachel Swain, and he was a farmer in Meredith.  Rosa was a mill operator.  Her father’s occupation at that time was contractor.  Rosa and Austin had a daughter, Clara, born 11 May, 1904 in Danvers, MA.  Austin was working as a motor man. 

The 1910 census lists the Swain family in Meredith.  Austin was still farming.  The family included Austin’s elderly uncle, George Willey.

Rosa and Austin divorced, and in Tilton NH, on 5 January 1915, Rosa married Clark Delman Stevens.  Clark was a carpenter in Concord, and he was also divorced.  He has been born in 1866 in Whitewater, Wisconsin, son of Edward Stevens and Mary Lowell.  Rose and Clark had three children, Pauline born in 1915, Walter in 1917, and Helen in 1919.  In 1920, the family lived in Bradford, NH.  Clark was a merchant, operating a grocery store, and Rosa was going by the name Mary. 

In 1930, Rosa’s daughter had married and moved out, but Rosa (still called Mary) lived with Clark and their three children in Bradford village, NH.  Clark was a house carpenter. 

In 1940, Rose and Clark lived in Bradford, in a house they owned, valued at $1500.  Clark was Chief of Police.  Their grandson, Robert Gage, lived with them. 

Clark died in 1952, and Rosa in 1962.  Both are buried at Pond Cemetery in Bradford NH.


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