Jessie M Vroom 1876 – 1941

Jessie M Vroom was born 1 February 1876 in Bear River, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.  She was the 8th and final child of John A Vroom and Mary Jane Chute.  Her older siblings were William Eldon, Lalia J, Mary Sophia, Edith M, J Avard, Ella Gertrude, and Carrie Eliza.  The 1881 census lists the family in Clementsport, where Jessie’s father worked as a mason.  In 1891, they lived in Clements West, and her father was still working as a mason. 

Boston passenger lists show that Jessie traveled from Yarmouth, NS, on a ship called “Yarmouth”, arriving in Boston on 6 October 1898.  Her occupation was “lady”, and she listed her destination as Boston.  Jessie traveled back and forth to Nova Scotia in subsequent years.  On 13 September 1900, she arrived in Boston, from Yarmouth, on the “Prince George”.  She was listed as a tourist.  I did not find Jessie in the 1900 US or 1901 Canada census.  Based on this last trip, it looks like she came to the US after the census here, but before  the census in Canada. 

In 1910, Jessie lived in White River, VT, where she worked as a stenographer for an insurance company.  In 1918, Jessie crossed into the US at Vanceboro, Maine.  She had been visiting her sister, Mary Sophia (Mrs. Delacey) Foster.  Her occupation was listed as stenographer.

By 1920, Jessie was living in Washington DC, where she was a clerk for the US government.  In 1927, the city directory listed her as living at 917 18th NW, Apt 30, employed as a clerk for the Veterans Bureau.  By 1928, she was listed at 1808 Ontario place NW, which is three miles north of the Washington Monument. This city directory listing continued through 1938, and she continued her work with the Veterans Affairs office.  The 1930 census indicates that she owned her home, and it was valued then at $12,000.  On-line sources say this home was built in 1917, and now described as a “condo home” valued at about $625,000. 

The 1940 census appears to show her at the same address.  Her information is incomplete, in that it doesn’t say where she lived in 1935, and it doesn’t list an occupation, nor does it say she was retired. 

Jessie died in 1941, and the following death notices was printed in the Washington Post:  VROOM, JESSIE M.  On Monday, June 16, 1941 at Doctors’ Hospital, JESSIE M. VROOM, beloved daughter of the late John A and Mary Jane Vroom.  She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Carrie Churchill, and one brother, Avard Vroom, four nieces and four nephews.  Remains resting at Hysong’s funeral home, 1300 N st nw, where services will be held on Wednesday, June 18, at 4:30 p.m.  Interment Fort Lincoln Cemetery.


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