Gordon Harold Labor 1919 – 1944

Gordon Labor was born 12 July 1919 in Sutton, VT, the fourth of six children of Arthur Hayes Labor and Anna Ethel Rose Priest.  His father was a farmer.  The 1920 census lists the family in Sutton.  His older sister Doris died from colitis as a two-year-old, before he was born.  The family in 1920 included his parents, sister Eleanor, and brother Howard. 

The 1925 St Johnsbury city directory lists Gordon’s family living on Broad street, and his father worked for the Boston & Maine Rail Road.  In 1930, the census lists the family in Lyndon VT, with the same three children.  His younger sister Marion died at age two of accidental burns.  His younger brother was born after the 1930 census was taken.  Arthur worked as a blacksmith’s helper. 

Gordon’s sister Eleanor married Daniel Newton in 1936, and in 1940, Gordon lived in their household.  He worked as a salesman at a retail grocery store.  On 24 October, 1940, Gordon married Anna Mildred Drake in Barre VT.  Their first son, Gordon Harold Labor, was born 3 May 1941 in Barre, VT, but died the next day from complications of birth.  A second son was born two years later. 

Gordon enlisted in the US Army in Hartford, CT, on 28 January 1944.  His education was listed as two years of high school.  He was a machine operator.  Gordon served in the 319th Infantry 80th Division, and was killed in action on October 8, 1944.  He was buried at Lorraine, France. 

Gordon’s name is included among 14 names on a plaque at Lyndon Institute in Vermont, dedicated in 1948:  In Memoriam.  Valor brought them a common death on the land, the sea, and in the air during World War II.


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