Isaac Allerton and Mary Norris

Isaac Allerton was born about 1575 in London, England.  Mary Norris was born about 1588, and was “of Newbury” England, when she married Isaac on 4 Nov 1611, in Leyden, Holland.  In 1620, Isaac and Mary came on the Mayflower to Plymouth with three children, Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary. One child died in Holland before they left, and they also had a stillborn son born on the ship in Plymouth Harbor.  Mary died during the first winter.  Four years later, Isaac married Fear Brewster, daughter of William and Mary Brewster.  She died in 1634, and Isaac married widow Joanna Swinnerton the next year in Marblehead. 

Isaac was originally a tailor, and later called himself a merchant.  He was second in authority to Bradford in the early years, being elected as assistant to Bradford’s position as governor. He was probably well educated.  Isaac was the fifth signer of the Mayflower Compact. He sailed back and forth between Plymouth and England to develop commercial relationships, but because some of these enterprises were for his personal benefit, Bradford felt that Isaac had abused the trust placed in him.    

After his first wife died, Isaac moved to Connecticut.  During the winter of 1644, he sailed from New Haven and was caught in a winter storm.  They were “cast away” at Scituate (Massachusetts) but all were saved.  Isaac continued his commercial activities in Marblehead, in Maine, and later at New Amsterdam.  When Isaac died, he left little estate except a list of debts he claimed were due him. has a transcript of his will and inventory.  He was my 10th great grandfather. 

As a Mayflower passenger, he is well known, and many descriptions and biographies can be found on the Internet.


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