Francis Cooke 1573 – 1663

Francis Cooke was probably born about 1583 in England.  In July of 1603, he married Hester Le Mahieu, a young woman of French-speaking Belgian and Protestant descent.  Francis was a wool comber.  He and Hester seemed to have alternated churches, from the French Waloon church to the Pilgrims Separatist church in Leyden. 

Francis and his son John travelled on the Mayflower, leaving behind his wife and the younger children, who came in 1623 on the Anne. Francis served on a number of committees, such as the committee to lay out highways, and to survey land.  He had small land grants, and lived out his life in Plymouth.  John Alden was a witness to Francis’ will, in which he gave all his land, livestock, and movable goods to his wife Hester.  He died 7 Apr 1663 in Plymouth. 

Francis was my 10th great grandfather.  The Pilgrim Hall Museum website has an inventory of records that mention Francis and Hester, at


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