Updates for Joseph Labor, Luvia Labor, Lydia Degoosh, Joseph Degoosh.

I recently wrote a short article for our local genealogy group newsletter about the benefits of blogging. The Internet has tons blogs about how to do research, find records, and select software. I chose to write mini biographies about people in my family tree. I realize that this reduces my potential interested audience mostly to cousins, near and distant, who share some of the same ancestors. Even so, I have enjoyed benefits of blogging, or otherwise sharing what I think I know about members of the family – such as contributing records to Find-A-Grave or posting family trees on Ancestry.
First, before I publish, I try to make sure I have the facts, and the records to support them, so preparing each blog forces me to check the details, and also to see if anything new has come along. If I didn’t get something documented, the time to do it is before I put it on line. Second, people contact me to share information. Third, they sometimes challenge the accuracy of my information. That sends me back to the first point. I was recently contacted by a distant cousin – we share the same great great grandfather, Joseph Labor: me from the first wife Marie-Celine Martin, while my half-third-cousin descends from Joseph’s second wife Lydia Degoosh. He made a suggestion to correct Lydia’s mother’s name from Elizabeth (Betsy) Schanershan to Shannon. I had seen it both ways, but hadn’t found a birth, marriage, or death record for her.
I went back through my records for the DeGoosh family, and found that for the four of her children for whom I have death records, they all list the mother as Betsy Shannon. I decided to look again, for her marriage record. There it was – in the Quebec vital records – right where I should have found it a long time ago. The marriage record names the bride of Joseph Degoosh as Betsy Ann Shannon. I decided to look at the family in the 1871 census – and this time remembering to look forward and backward from this family, I found Joseph Labor, his second wife Lydia, and their first child. I had looked and looked for him in this year. I don’t know why I had never found him before – even though his name was spelled Labour, it should have shown up in a phonetic or similarly-spelled name search.
Not being able to find Joseph in either the 1870 US or 1871 Canada census, I had assumed that after he married Lydia in Quebec, they moved to the US after the 1870 census was taken, and before the 1871 census. Apparently this was not so. As a result of these finds, I have updated by blogs about:

Joseph Degoosh https://sooze471.wordpress.com/2011/09/12/joseph-degoosh-died-12-september-1911/

Lydia Degoosh https://sooze471.wordpress.com/2011/08/06/lydia-ann-degoosh-born-6-august-1851/

Luvia Ann Labor https://sooze471.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/luvia-ann-labor/

Joseph Labor https://sooze471.wordpress.com/2010/12/12/joseph-labor-b-12-december-1832/

Of course new information creates new questions. Joseph’s two older sons were with his parents in 1871. Where was 6-year-old Marcel? I had expected that he would be with his father and new bride. Now having found that record, I see he’s not with them. Another mystery to solve.