Albert Warren Smith and Lucinda Priscilla Stone – Updated

Albert Warren Smith was born 2 September 1843, the second son of Joseph and Harriet (Newell) Smith, in Ipswich MA. Joseph was a cordwainer, which is a shoemaker. The index lists his middle name as Marion, but I believe this was a transcription error from Warren. The 1850 census says “Warren”. Joseph had a brother Warren who died as an infant, and his adopted daughter Josie Smith’s first son was Albert Warren Hodges.

Albert is in the 1860 census at home with his parents, occupation is brick mason. I found no records to indicate that he served in the Civil War.

Albert moved to Lynn MA. On 25 December 1867, he married Lucinda Priscilla Stone, daughter of William and Mary (Hodges Lewis) Stone. Since our Hodges family came from Ireland, and didn’t start moving to Massachusetts until later than this, I do not believe we are related to this branch of Hodges family – at least back to Europe. All subsequent records for Albert indicate that he lived the rest of his life in Lynn.

I had originally believed that Albert and Lucinda Priscilla had no children of their own, but with the release of new records at, I found that not to be the case. Their first child was Willie A, born 6 February, and died 25 August 1869 in Lynn. Willie’s cause of death was listed as teething. Teething used to be considered a cause of death, as many children died in the first year of life, the same time as teething occurs. In retrospect, some “teething” deaths may be what we would now call SIDS. Also, the treatment for teething sometimes involved lancing the gums with an instrument, or even a mother’s fingernail, to allow the teeth through, and this lancing may have led to infection. Rather than fever from teething, Willie may have cholera infantum, perhaps from drinking contaminated milk.

In 1870, Albert and Lucinda’s census record indicates that their real estate was valued at $2000, with personal property listed at $600. This would include household belongings as well as his tools from his work as a mason.

The second son, Lewis A, was born about January 1 1871, and the third son, Fred S, was born 14 April 1872. Both boys died on 22 July 1872, of cholera infantum. The fourth son, Charles W, was born about 23 May, and died 18 August, 1874. His cause of death was also cholera infantum. While having two children die the same day of the same disease might indicate contagion, in fact, this was a noncontagious disease, usually occurring in summer or autumn. It was common among the poor and in hand-fed babies. These babies were often fed mixtures of bread or flour and water, sometimes with cow’s milk which might be infected or vitamin deficient. The later development of nutritionally balanced food and proper disinfection in milk production and baby bottles greatly reduced infant mortality. A fifth son, apparently not named, was stillborn on the one-year anniversary of baby Charles’ death – 18 August 1875. A sixth son was stillborn on 14 September 1876.

The Smith family lived on Larrabee Court and Albert continued his work as a mason. Because all six boys were born and died between censuses, I did not know of their existence until this group of Massachusetts death records was released. All were buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn.

The 1880 census lists Albert and Lucinda living at 7 Larrabee Street. His occupation was listed as brick mason. Sometime after the 1880 census, Albert’s niece Josie (daughter of George) came to live with them. In 1886 and 1887, they lived at #1 Stone place. Lucinda died 28 September 1887, and is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn. Her cause of death was apoplexy, which today would probably be called a stroke. She was only 43.

A year later, on 5 September 1888, Albert married Mary Elizabeth Thompson, ex-wife of Amos Breed, and daughter of Robert Thompson and Lydia Newhall. They lived at 5 Stone Place. They were there through 1890, but by 1893, were living at 119 Holyoke. The 1894 Lynn city directory lists Albert Smith as a trustee at the South-Street Methodist Church – his adopted daughter Josie’s husband Frank Hodges was later trustee at that same church. Josie’s soon to be husband lived in the adjacent house. The 1900 census, and Lynn city directories continue to list Albert W Smith, mason, at 119 Holyoke, through the 1906 edition, which documented his death on 3 August 1905. Albert died of stomach cancer, and was buried at Pine Grove Cemetery.

Albert’s widow Mary moved to 25 Walnut street, and was listed in the city directory as late as 1919. The 1920 Lynn city directory reported that Mary died 29 April 1919. Her death certificate shows that her cause of death was malignant disease of the liver, and she was also buried at Pine Grove Cemetery.


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