About My Family Stories Blog

I admit it, I’m a genealogy junky.  But I like to find more than just the birth/marriage/death records for the family.  A lot can happen – life happens – between those dates. I decided to write a mini biography for one person in my family tree per day.  The person may not be a direct ancestor of mine (or of my husband) but can be any cousin with a story.   I use a reporting feature in Family Tree Maker to select a person whose birth, marriage, or death it is for that day. Picking one person for the day helps me concentrate on that person and not wander off down another path.

I prefer to write about people who were born before 1900, or died several decades ago.  I try to select someone where I have more information than just the BMDs, and someone where I personally have done the research, not merely copied notes from the Internet.   I like to look for the clues to the story wherever I can find them.   Some information is found in family lore.  Census records and city directories help determine dates, locations, and occupations.  Old newspapers are another source of information. Vital records are important and can provide more clues to a person’s history than just a date and place.  For example, if cause of death is a gunshot wound, there’s probably a story to be found. 

I try to stay a couple weeks ahead in my work.  Once the story is complete, I schedule it to be automatically posted on the right day – this is a nice feature of WordPress.   This site allows people to subscribe so that they automatically get every new post, or they can save WordPress as a “favorite” and visit at their convenience. 

I invite readers to comment on the stories, with corrections or additions.  Comments will not appear until I review and make sure that no information is being submitted about living persons.  I am getting better about documenting my sources, so if a reader requests to know the source, I will try to provide that information. 

So to cousins near and far, happy reading!




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